drug addiction: some thoughts


Step#1: X1 goes to Dr. Y (why Y may not be the right question, but perhaps, why *any* darned Dr would be a more appropriate one, IMHO). Y gives a condescending, or at best a patronizing smile and quickly tries to gauge the symptoms of the patient patient X1 while pretending to listen to X1, trying at the same time, to compute the RoI (Return on Injection, sorry). Y also gets some calls on the modern malady called CellularPhone and some random SMS messages to boot and gets mightily distracted…

Add in some chittering by young and uncouth nurses quickly discussing whether to administer Kevorkiannilin to the patient in the ICU thru IV or whatever.

Add some absolutely pesky medical representatives forever scheming to barge in (despite the long suffering patient queue in melancholic desolation, the members of which are actually hallucinating that they have already seen Y and that they are about to be cured) to handover goodies and invites for weekend parties (more like debaucheries), in return for ‘will you please prescribe our medicine that will make all kinds of men walk erect‘ and all that… “We will see that the neighbourhood medical shops (or druggists) stock enough of our medicine – homo-erectusulin” – “Thanks, will see you on saturday at the country spade resorts…”

Add NaCl to taste…

Step#2: In the process, the next-in-line patient X2 gets the feeling that Dr Y is unduly busy (and therefore he is probably a *good* one) and that X2 is indeed fortunate enough to be waiting in the line to see our Dr Y, though it may take some 13 emergencies and 10 medical representatives (translating to some 5 days of wait) before his hallucinations could actually come true.

Step#3: And, Y utters some illustrious nonsense which would essentially translate to a combination of the following:

— go get a CT scan or MRI or Ultrasound or plain olde cheapo XRay or… (preferably at a place where Y can get a good kickback euphemistically called ‘referral fee’)
— go swallow all these pills and get back to me after one week
— Oh! The swelling (that is obviously unconnected to the current ailment) that you think is innocuous could actually be CANCER! So out you go to a suitable oncologist, specializing on that part of the offending body (such as your little finger).
— will refer you to ‘my special_specialist friend,’ for additional diagnosis.

On to giddy-go-around – so goto step#1.

Please note that, to complete the circle of this unreasonable post, X1 would have been preceded by another wannabe deadmeat – X0.


The lazy and greedy doctors (of mostly ‘english’ or ‘western’ medicine), start off with ‘broad-spectrum’ antibiotics for even the most normal of the viral-spawned illnesses – which would normally be hilarious, but for the fact that these cretinous doctors would habitually quote possible infections (of of-course unspecified origins) that the current illness of the patient are likely to entail in and display thusly, their splendid erudition. And, this dose of antibiotics itself would take the life-force out of most folks as the former systematically clean the relevant body parts of almost ALL bacteria (including the ones in the majority, the bacterial colonies that are important for our basic functioning and well being).

…and, of course, often times you would have seen with your very own eyes, the zombified folks loaded with these antibiotics, who are supposedly recovering from some illness or the other… Sad.

And then, these doctors give some ‘A’ medicine (many of them would be what are broadly called steroids) which will have some very significant side-effects and they would say “you may get nausea, palpitations (and everything else, to the extent of actually seeing the outline of good ol’ pearly gates peter on the horizon) but we would also give you tonic for your brain called ‘B’  (some Neurobionish stuff, mostly – well, actually it is a combination of various Vitamin Bs).

So, forever one has to swallow tonne-loads of medicine – with some 50% taken primarily to offset the effect the rest 50%. No one talks about addressing the basic question of the toxemia, which is the cause for all the problems. But then, tablets macht frei. And, the more they are, the better it is!

In this happy go lucky scheme (primarily for the Doctors, Druggists, Pharma Companies, and of course more revenue earnings for the Governments) with its attendant benefit of increasing the GNP, no wonder the Governments go all the way to encourage ‘healthcare’ – in fact, it is more like healthscare!

The more the illness, the more is the healthcare ‘spend’ and the more the GNP, GROSS indeed, but then… What matters is that everyone dies happily ever after.


Perhaps one should start from that very beginning and actually try to understand what dis-ease is AND what health should be – am not even going to mention the hard to find texts in non-english – Let us read the likes of Henry Bieler, John Tilden, Charles Page, Charles Armbruster, Henry Lindlahr, LB Coles, Harry Benjamin, Cash Asher, John Fielder, Arnold DeVries, Herbert Shelton… who have all written in English; this list is not exhaustive at all and am sure when one digs around there is more than enough stuff. (of course, we have our own treasure trove of nutritional & medicinal heritage too! In fact, multiple viewpoints exist, Oh the lovely local health traditions!)

Food is our best medicine. Food in a good nutritious combination +Fasting in a judicious moderation, will actually set us free.

As my good ol’ pal Steve Solomon says:

Health begins in the soil; Healing begins with hygiene; Liberty begins with freedom.

Hopefully, the real health will see the light of the day… Some truisms here.

JournalEntry: 18th September,  2006.

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