dhammam saranam gacchaami: when one is completely drained and disappointed…


… staring unbelievably with bottomless disbelief & horror – at the skewed & scatalogical thinking of folks who ought to know better, sieving through the trashy emails that one routinely gets these days – there are always  fantastic things that magically happen, that really restore one’s hope  in life.

Oh, the joie de vivre…

The context is: I have been trying to typeset some stuff in tamil, samskrit, pali (am just beginning to learn it – samskrt appears to be a damn good learning base for it) english and some phonetic symbols into a document (No sire, I do not run Microsoft Windows on my computing machines) and have been really struggling with XeTeX typesetting. Oh the exacerbation.

This has been going on for weeks, believe me. Oh the motherfuckin’ goddam Loonux, perish ye Ubuntu! FreeBSD was lots more sweeter and bloody more efficient! :-(

Hmm… Anyway, after a day’s vigorous lovemaking with the vegetable patches, I have little energy left to look at anything intellectually stimulating.

And, I do not want to be tempted anymore to read random idiocies and jaundiced views of the so called public intellectuals that abound in the self absorbed philistine world of the Tamil Realpolitik. I do not want to know the macabre views of the mediocre. So, I avoid the Internet, though lately, my normally flaky connection to the Internet has been rather steady.

However, I know that rewards of taming this XeTeX beastess are immense for me. Hence, I choose to go scour the web.

I grope in the dark dank dungeons of the message boards and friendly IRC channels for some handholding and advice for my masochistic obsession with XeTeX…

And, chanced upon this gem, however old it may be…

“Ven. Pandita”, Sun, Jan 27, 2008 03:54 (CST)


I am a Buddhist monk who uses Lyx (1.5.3) and XeTex (part of TexLive 2007) on Ubuntu Linux (7.10) to type Pali, Sanskrit, phonetic symbols and English together in the same document.

The problem is that XeLatex would produce PDF files with seemingly random hyphenation in the middle of lines instead of at linebreaks.

So I change the language setting of Lyx to Welsh, of which there is no language file on my system; my purpose is to force manual hyphenation. But that random mid-line hyphenation still appears.

What should I do to remedy it?

Off:  http://scripts.sil.org/cms/scripts/page.php?site_id=nrsi&id=xetex

:-))) l… o… v… e… l… y… what else! :-)

Life & future look so rosy with beings such as this Monk Ven. Pandita roaming, with their heads held high on top of the mediocre web, spreading their buddha memes and geekiness. So it is NOT all  trolls and idiots that roam the Internet, yeah?


Apparently, the good geeky Monk Ven Pandita is a graduate student with Kelania University of SriLanka. A Myanmarese.

Some of his papers that I browsed thru’ are really interesting. Lovely again!

May his tribe increase.

May the Goddess XeTeX bestow her perennial blessings on Ven. Pandita’s path of Dhamma.

Sadhu, sadhu Ven. Pandita. :-)

PostScript: Of course, of course,  my issues are not yet resolved. But then, the good ol’ monk made my day. Don’t you think so too? :-)

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