help! rank idiots from are also doing keezhadi archaeology!


See, anybody can learn and do science, even excel in it; definitely, I am not one of those science Nazis who would say that one requires a PhD in sciences to comment scientifically about scientific thingies.

On the contrary, one merely needs to be critically and logically be able to think through issues, have some bit of practical experience, may be, some domain knowledge – and be tempered by basic integrity & honesty.

But then sirs and ma’ams – all these basic, commonsense, rational rules are NOT applicable to those useless hacks from the likes of, ‘the hindu’ etc. Thanks so much.

And so, the lousy scroll.inwallahs launch an attack on science. That too, specifically about carbon dating, oh my.


An illustrious critter that goes by the name Sruthisagar Yamunan, who is supposedly focusing on law and politics in, has written this piece of scientific and archaeological taurus excreta. That too, very confidently and rather eruditely.

Our illustrious hack, Sri Sruthisagar Yamunan has a B.Com and a Diploma in Journalism – from that mediocre Asian College of Journalism of Chennai. And he has less than 10 years of random journalistic experience, at the holes of the usual bandicoots like ‘The Hindu’ group. He could be around 35 years of age, may be. Of course all these illustrious qualifications and background of the critter are NOT a problem. As I said earlier, anyone with basic honesty and some little bit of brain can do Science.

And, then he writes a very erudite, ‘in depth’ report on Keezhadi archaeology. This is also not an issue. Because, he has merely rehashed many such reports and passed his off as an original piece of reportage. This is not an issue either. The hacks always do this scavenging business, cannibalizing other reports etc. So, it is par for the dastardly journalistic course.

My point of belly aching laughter about this report is all over – but especially at the heading and at the tail end.

Top part here:

Bottom part here:

Obviously, the hack Sruthisagar Yamunan, knows some Nobel Laureate stuff about radioactivity and carbon dating, that our great physicists and radiologists, and even good archaeologists (nonno, not our rabble-rousing Amarnath Ramakrishna types!)  do not have a clue about.

This very smart hack, obviously has a way of narrowing down the carbon dating  of specimens down to ONLY three years. He has very confidently and eruditely narrowed the year down and revised it from 583 BCE to 580 BCE.

I am sure, if he elaborates on his research findings, journalistic methodologies & analytic techniques, and as to how he is able make such a minute differentiation using carbon dating techniques, he can even win a Nobel prize for not only for Physics, but also for dummy Peace. Thanks.

And then, he can focus on making the carbon dating & analysis process more precise – down to the day, hour, minute – and why not, at the level of second too! We Tamils have always been great in Science & Technology, right from our Lemurian experience of building spaceships, yeah!

So, for the next 10 years, the Nobel committees will be primarily jobless – since ALL the awards under ALL categories, will have to continuously & without a pause, go only to our young hack.

Oh my! Am I nor proud of my fellow Tamil!


See, Carbon dating, though a reasonably widely used technique, has a range of issues that do not allow for significant accuracies, at least that much accuracy & precision as our young hack has figured out.

Am thinking that, his probable experience in finance & accounting, especially in those aspects of ‘double entry book-keeping’ that he must have learnt ‘by heart’ in his college years – must have helped him to arrive at more precise ways of number crunching via radiocarbon analysis too.

Hence, I strongly recommend that, Sri Sruthisagar Yamunan, be given at least a ‘Kalaimaamani Award’ to start with, by our TN Govt.

May be next year onwards, he may deign to accept a Nobel prize or two per year for the next ten years.  What do you think?

In the meantime, we can start protesting at the Marina beach of Chennai, demanding as to why, our budding Nobel Laureate has not yet been made the Chairman of ISRO and Archaeological Survey of India. In any case, we can always rely on the readymade bogeyman of ‘the BJP government at the centre is exploiting our dear TN,’ can’t we?


Am also thinking, his years of experience in ‘The Hindu’ group seems to have taught him a lot about unclearnuclear physics, especially radio-archaeology.

So, the group can actually start a new engineering college ‘Hindu Institute of Technology’  with some Chinese collaboration, so that it can also be a super HIT and can continue to produce useless hacks who can’t even do a reasonable HIT job well.

In the meantime, we ‘concerned citizens’ can demand that the fantastic webzine ‘’ be recognized as the premier scientific journal of India and that the Editor of the zine be made the ‘Principal Scientific Advisor’ to the Indian Government.



Link to the fantastic scroll article of the would-be serial Nobel Laureate:

5 Responses to “help! rank idiots from are also doing keezhadi archaeology!”

  1. ravi Says:

    Comrade Sruthisagar.. What can u expect ?

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