vallabh bhai ‘sardar’ patel, selective quoting by pakshirajan ananthakrishnan, politics of excerptise – notes


One issue that I have with our dear erudite & fulminating public intellectuals is…

…their incredible propensity to selectively quote texts and their capability to craftily use excerpts that are twisted/squeezed out of the total context – just to provide fodder for their own warped narratives; and I am determined in whatever that passes for my writing(!) that, I will NOT selectively quote, just because it suits my agendafied purpose of proving my pet hypotheses, or use the abominable Occam’s razor to pontificate etc. (So dear reader of the blog, point out my own multiple standards of excerptise to me, as and when you chance upon one – and I shall acknowledge my error of judgement, learn from it, rectify/course-correct myself and grow, thanks!)


It is not that I do not respect Sriman PAK. He is good as long as he does not wear his ideological semi-permeable goggles and chooses to selectively quote some cherry-picked excerpts and then lambast his favorite whipping boy: ‘Hindutva.’

It is this ‘art of excerptise’ and unseemly monkey-balancing & false-equivalences (Hindutva = Dravidianism = Nazism) which are currently causing me endless agony and associated allergic reactions. Quo vadis, PAK?

Otherwise, to the extent that I get to read his text, he comes across as a balanced, well read, well exposed, very (very) intelligent, aware, ethical, articulate etc etc. #Respects. The way he used to take out Dravidian scum (prolly he continues to do that) with evidence and with endless sarcasm/wit had always provided happy chuckles to me. I do share with him (via his occasional essays in Kalachchuvadu mag, & elsewhere), many concerns/ideas about Democratic institutions, Bharatiya Parampara, Science and Technology, Dravidian Scumbagginess, Tamil/angrezi litt etc etc.

But Adams and Madams – this is about his fine honed expertise in the ‘Art of EXCERPTise.’ So.


Let me put it upfront. I am an unabashed admirer (purely based on so many positive data points) of the Sardar – also because he was denied his due place in Congress by Bapuji – who for his own (understandable but not acceptable) reasons, chose to prop-up Jawaharlal Nehru rather than support Sardar Patel on his very valid claim to his rightful place in the Congress organization and the first Government. But then, this post is about a speech that Sardar made and a twist that, our PAK gave to it.So.

Ok. A few days back, PAK apparently posted the following message on Facebook. My source, who sent it to me this noon, promises that no part of this message is photoshopped or doctored in any way.

Please note 1) PAK’s gratuitously condescending annotation about ‘warts’ & all – and 2) some 40 illustrious clowns who cluelessly and contextlessly ‘like’d this ‘received wisdom’ from a blinkered & benighted public intellectual. And ah, the pleasures of ignorance.

Also am sure, my old friend, the venerable YankeePoodle Aravindan ‘YAK’ Kannaiyan pictured above, would have ‘liked’ PAK and vice versa etc etc – though am nor privy to the gory details… But ah, the pleasures of mutual back-scratching.

YAK and PAK, BACK to BACK. Lovely.

Only saving grace in the above screencapture is a dissenting comment to that PAK’s perennial wisdom by one Krishnakumar, who, from the tone and radhe-krishna DP (or whatever it is called) I perhaps know of – am not too sure…(but alas, I do not have access to his full comment)


This ‘excerpt’ is from a Speech titled ‘Build a Strong India’ made by our beloved Sardar, at Island Grounds, Chennai (imagine!) on 23rd February, 1949.

For your information & full disclosure, I give a transcript of his ENTIRE SPEECH – SardarSpeech. If you want to read it in toto, click on the link, and read it, of course. (I scanned and OCRd this text from: For a United India, Speeches of Sardar Patel 1947-1950, Publications Division,  Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, GoI, First Published: 1949; bear with me for all the proof reading mistakes etc, please! It is/was a boring job – but there are NO gross mistakes/edits, I assure you, okay?)

The context/background for the speech is/was: telangana/andhra related communist scumbaggism/murders, PAKistan spawned issues, food shortages, necessity for huge food imports, gutted shipping/railways infrastructure, scumbag strike by southern railway staff, liberal strikes & progressive hartals (=hurt alls), national integration issues, infighting in congress, linguistic chauvinism, fabricated labor issues, meaningless agitations etc etc – he also spoke about nation building efforts & national integration issues in general and noted the issues the government had to manage with violent & malevolent communists, rss batting for hindus, and sikh threats for violence ad infinitum. In fact, he reserved very strong words for Communists. Sardar also said that Tamils have to learn the national language to make their participation in the fledgling democracy better etc.

I would say, it was a very stellar, no-nonsense talk, to say the least; it warms the cockles of my heart that we did have great selfless (non-philandering, non-anglomaniacs, non-coconuts) as leaders and that we continue to have them fine folks to this day…

…Getting back to my bête noire PAK, he very conveniently quotes only the section that suits his narrative, making RSS to be the villain of the piece! Nothing is far from the truth.

I will just quote the relevant sections, in the order of their appearance, annotate things a bit and leave the rest to the interpretation of the reader – she/he can take a call on the ‘sense of balance’ or the lack of it, in the terribly biased & shoddy ‘likes harvesting’ commentary and excerptise of PAK.

Unlike PAK, who ‘censored’ things in a secular-liberal way, I will give some more plain-talking that Sardar did about RSS and critiqued, well beyond what PAK quoted. I do not suffer from a selective agenda of the amnesiacal, blinkered kind. Thanks so much.

We can clearly see that, Sardar (whatever be his personal/considered opinion, he was actually batting for the government of Congress, erm, actually for Nehru. Sardar was pushing the agenda of Nehruvian Secularist perspective, oh my. Our Sardar was a team player, as always!) was not interested in not taking care of Bharat’s minorities, though an overwhelming majority of them actually voted for Pakistan but did not choose go when their Pakistan actually materialized; incidentally, he is also asking the latter to discharge their responsibilities as citizens of Bharat.

He also has a sane & a rather pragmatic view of partition as under:

Oh, what a statesman. But think about it.

The so-called minorities are thriving in India – having a peaceful time and when possible, setting fire to trains with passengers and without passengers, in their march towards progress. But the so-called minorities (=Hindus and Sikhs, primarily) in Pakistan and Bangladesh are a hounded lot – there numbers have fallen to abysmal levels – therein lies the rub, gents and ma’ams. And, the liberals and assorted loonies – continue to blame RSS and others for all kinds of imaginary problems that entitled minorities are taught to hallucinate about in Bharat. Thanks.

…And then, Sardar’s scathing criticism of the ways of communists and the murders perpetrated by them, in the name of Class Struggle.

He also presciently foretold the development of the so called ‘red corridor’ along Maharashtra, Chatthisgarh, Odisha & Jharkhand areas – ‘Once the Terrorists are driven out from the area, where will they go? … … They will play the same game!’ Brilliant take, I must say. And he called the communists, TERRORISTS.

And, he very correctly opines that communists are impervious to reason.

That they are only interested in violence; granted the bourgeoisie communists like CPI/CPM have been defanged (unlike their secret heroes, ‘Gandhis with Guns’), but they continue to show their venomous side (actually their only side) by blocking all development, pushing for meaningless agitations, while continuously belittling the national cultures & traditions – and teaming-up with reactionary and lumpen mafia forces like our rent-seeking Dravidian goons.

… and then, the craftily extracted piece of PAK appears, in context:

And then, he talks about the threat perceptions from Sikhs:

Okay. Again, I request you dear reader of this blog, to please read/digest the WHOLE speech of one of our undervalued statesmen-politicians.

Now tell me – in the past 7o years or so – who has taken up arms against the Government? Who are violent sociopaths? Who are against any kind of development? Who have kept the so-called Tribals in a permanent state of Paranoia? (Don’t give me sanctimonious sermons  and assorted bullshit – I have been to the so-called red-corridor many a time. I know the ground reality, thanks!)

Who are these rumor mongering urban-naxals?  Who are the jokers appeasing professional protestwallahs? Who have converted some of our University campuses into camps of despicable lumpens? (Don’t give me shitty sermons again about the power of youth and free-speech nonsense. I have worked with a horrible ‘Social Sciences’ university for freakin’ TWO long years. I know what I am talking about!)

Who need to be de-weeded? What needs to be cleansed? How can agendafied & nonsensical narrative peddlers and obnoxious old farts be dealt with?

So, for all these cankers of moral corruption in the left-liberal ‘progressive’ eco-system and peddlers of paranoia –  ‘larger public’ are responsible, oh yes. Or so say, armed chair ineffectuals – thanks so, so much.

’nuff said. grr


Calming down, after five minutes & resuming…

Honestly. It would really be nice, if people of the calibre & stature of Sriman PAK didn’t have to resort to such hideous practices – all for harvesting the likes of clueless, ill-informed, illiterate idiots that abound in Facebook AND for the necessity to say something or the other just to stay relevant.


Postscriptum: If I have read Sriman PAK’s revolutionary(!) spirit(hic!) well – I would predict that, if he is in the Delhi environs, await with bated breath, a ‘revolutionary reportage’ after he  goes to that stupidly lazy Shaheenbagh sit-in blockade and does a perfunctory pontification about the loss of democratic and secular values in the Indian polity amidst those posterior-openings. Yes.


9 Responses to “vallabh bhai ‘sardar’ patel, selective quoting by pakshirajan ananthakrishnan, politics of excerptise – notes”

  1. K.Muthuramakrishnan Says:

    Well done Ram ji! By commenting here I’ll be branded as ‘Hindutva’ follower. Still I resort to this because of my eagerness to trace the facts. You are doing a yeoman service to the constructive debate which is the core of democratic values. Continue to bust the balloons of the liberals.I am sharing in the FaceBook.

    • Sir, thanks. A fieldworker/slogger & a wise person like you need not be ji-ing the vice me. Am squirming, siree.

      But – negative connotation & popularization of ‘Hindutva’ by others (who are out to demonize it) is just like the same/similar accent & imputations for the term ‘Hindu.’ No worries.

      While in the mainstream narratives, Hindutva connotes and is used as strawman (for violence, intolerance, antediluvianism, fascism, nazism etc) to denounce/hate, Hindu is used a pejorative (for the ‘attributes’ of effete, other-worldly, supine, spineless, non-reactive, stagnant population with its easily ‘convertible’ currency and ‘strict caste divisions’ etc and associated with certain rates of economic growth) for condescending approval of the liberally erudite Certificate Issuing Authority cabals.

      As long as one is a ‘Hindu,’ the liberals & secularwallahs have no problem.; the ‘Authorities’ can afford to ignore you or even co-opt you as an useful soldier. But if a given ‘Hindu’ shows any signs of life, then he/she immediately becomes a danger and morphs into an abominable ‘Hindutva’ type, in the Certificate Giver’s learned diktat. A mere Sanghi. KhakiShort. Saffron type.

      In your case, since you perhaps are generally sweet (I personally know you as a Bharati-Gandhian admirer/fieldworker and that ahimsaik nature & service-orientedness runs in your family) you can get to retain your ‘Hindu’ credentials. I am sure your self-admission of the possibility of getting stigmatized as ‘Hindutva’ type, will not be allowed by the liberal Certificate Issuing Authorities. You would be allowed to continue in your current status, in spite of this transgression. Don’t whip yourself, please! You are useful. Relax

      …However, IMO, Hindutva = Hindu, in spite of all the opinions & micro-distinctions, that get dished out as erudite opinion. I do not agree with any of the above strawmen and pejoratives.

      Granted, as a dharmic & vibrant civilization – we need to course-correct, debug, deweed, recompile etc etc – but, since I have long since been branded as a Hindutvavadin (with all its negative connotations in the mainstream and in sidelines), I do not mind wearing it on my sleeve. I like reusable stuff.

      …Sir, I do not know whether this is a constructive/civil debate. Dunno even whether it could be called a reasonable service. Civility has to be flowing in both directions of a given transaction. Please refer to the ‘Living by the Sword’ analogy. One thing is that, I am well past my age of comforting illusions.

      I believe in data-backed narratives and have trained myself in the ways of science. I do not obfuscate. I observe. I don’t always respond to stimuli. I am willing to correct myself, if tangible evidences are pointed out to the contrary. No illusions about my infallibility either.

      And the awareness of residual time in one’s life, makes me ignore most Cretins and their Cretintials. Am not referring to PAK or YAK here. Seriously. They do have their merits. Such as the ability to use Facebook. And their propensity to wear Saffron-tinted glasses. Lovely.

      Though many a time my blood boils and itches for responses (to inanities uttered elsewhere), I consult a few of my friends who I respect for their sense of balance and sanity (both at levels, much, much more than mine) before responding. Life is short, craft is long. So, you should thank my friends that you are spared a lot more of the agony of the random slashes of my blade.

      Of course, in general, YMMV. And, thanks for stopping by. Please apply to the Certificate Authorities in triplicate, countersigned by a Gazetted Officer, in case you have doubts about your current status of approval.

      (And, here’s sincerely hoping – you do not get executed by the Kangaroo Courts of the Facebook Intellectuals, for your enthusiasm; please do not associate with Hindutvavadins like yours truly in future, as your Facebook friends may condescendingly advise/warn you, get it? It was nice knowing you. Thanks again!)

  2. Sridhar Says:

    The liberals have been successful in converting indifferent Hindus to assertive, proud Hindutvawaadi. I thank them for this service.

    There’s this expectation of neutrality from only Hindus when it comes to matters of religious conflicts, when we do not see any such neutrality from others.

    I think the world will be a better place if everyone wear their identities on their sleeve or shoulder, speaks for themselves as Hindu, Brahmin, Parayar or whatever. The side is well defined and there’s no hiding behind “higher values” like secularism, liberalism that means nothing when it comes to dealing with the neighbor.

    • +1 to that. Thanks. Things would be cleaner & more ethical that way. No shadow boxing. No subterfuge.

      In these days of heightened awareness of ‘identity politics’ it is important to understand the rules of the game.

      Especially when one is at its receiving end – in terms of ‘liberty equality fraternity’ type slogan mongering. (to think that it came from France, THE worst colonial power, of all things!)

  3. Heh! A bird tells me that – apparently I have been proved RIGHT! yeah! ;-)

    //Postscriptum: If I have read Sriman PAK’s revolutionary(!) spirit(hic!) well – I would predict that, if he is in the Delhi environs, await with bated breath, a ‘revolutionary reportage’ after he goes to that stupidly lazy Shaheenbagh sit-in blockade and does a perfunctory pontification about the loss of democratic and secular values in the Indian polity amidst those posterior-openings. Yes.

  4. abideen Says:

    இசுலாத்தை வெறுக்குர காபிர் பாப்பான

    • ஐயா மோமின்  பொழிப்புரைக்கு நன்றி. நீங்கள் ஒருதடவையோடு நிறுத்தியிருக்கலாம், மறுபடியும் மறுபடியும் அதே காபியையா ஆற்றுவது, ஹ்ம்?? நீங்கள் பின்னூட்டமிட்டவுடன் விழுந்தடித்துக்கொண்டு பதிப்பிக்கப்பட இது ஃபேஸ்புக் எழவில்லை. பொறுமை வேண்டும்.

      +காபி என்று நிறுத்தியிருந்தால் இது கொஞ்சம் உண்மையாக இருந்திருக்கலாம். என்னவோ போங்க.

      எது எப்படியோ. உங்களைப் போன்ற ஒரு மகத்தான அரைகுறை, முஸ்லீம்களைப் பிரதிபலிப்பதாக நான் எண்ணவில்லை. ஆக, நீங்கள் அகலலாம். நன்றி.

      • Muthukumar Says:

        Ishka kyom register karna?

        • yeh site me register karne ke avashyakatha bhi nahin hai; sirf email id chahiye, bus. mujhe be isko bahut complicate karne se koi fayda nahin hai. bechara momin abideen pareshaan hoke chaarpaanch baar sirf yeh comment ko dala – usliye mein socha ki, chod dho inko, is baar… samaj liye?

          The thing is, to the extent possible, I would like to have some conversation – but sometimes it gets abused/misused; if it happens only occasionally (like this) it is kinda manageable, or so am thinking… anyway, thanks for the comment.

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