jati, caste, left-liberal scum, abrahamic religions – reflections & notes (1/2)


‘Liberal(!)-leftists(!!) could form a successful Caste…’ says a counter-narrative from Sridhar Tiruchendurai  ‘…except that they are not at all integrated into the Dharmic systems/narratives of India, as they cannot yet spell ‘liberty equality fraternity‘ and are absolutely unaware of even the word ‘responsibility,’ oh poor, wretched, oppressed souls.

This is pretty much my takeaway from this short, insightful (um, perhaps inciting, depending on your warped world-view) essay of Sridhar, may he write more.

Castes, Kashmiri Pandits & Minorities

Please read it – it may take a minute or so to read and a few more minutes to reflect upon, reread etc – that is, if you are at all in the habit of reflecting –  one of those shitty thingies that constitute hard work. And, given that his essay is not long-form, it essentially results in cognitive jumps & medleys, but then, those jumps also give us some punctuation / prompt for reflection.

Okay? Notes, annotations & branch-offs based on Sridhar’s essay follow – in no particular order. Read at your peril. Note that Sridhar is ultimately responsible for all this. He made me do this.

Anyway, statutory statements: I am open to reasoned criticism and am willing to change my PoV, provided there is some reasonable evidence to the contrary. To give an example, I would even accept that there are honest liberal-leftists & professional secularwallahs, provided you give me, practical/real-life examples of them.


Um, actually, I too suspect that there may be some good liberals, leftists – statistically speaking. But in my practical experience, about 99.99% of them now, are the worst possible caricatures of those categories – which they have reduced to wielding placards, posting forward looking-stuff on the social media from the comforts of their cushy seats, shouting slogans, belching noisily, stone-pelting, damaging public properties, professionally practicing double-standards – and even political murders, if they can getaway with them.

So, pretty much for me, the words – leftists, liberals, secularists and the like, only signify cabals of lumpen; in a civilized society there cannot be a central place & prominence for rank lumpen. So, I will not decorate these terms using quotes like ‘liberals’ – Sorry. The meanings of these terms have irrevocably, irreversibly changed. Now, they actually mean the opposite of, that too a rabid negation of what they once purported to have stood for.

So, you have to pardon me, for my illustrious conclusion that, ‘the only good  Left-Liberal (LeLi), is a long-dead one.’ Thanks so much.

Okay, liberals are tossed aside thusly, at least for the time being – so let us move on…


1. I have never been comfortable in using the word ‘Caste’ to describe the Indic situations, as the context & origin of the word is from Europe – meaning, it was originally for a western specific context & social setting. I would be happier to use our Indic term like Jati or a Samuday – which give the correct imputed meanings and be representative of our traditions and de-facto realities. So, for the purpose of this post, I will use the term Jati instead of Caste.

2. I am not one of those good folks, who loudly & naively opines that ‘Jati is an unalloyed evil’ and wants a Jati-less society or for putting a violent end to the notion of Jatis. This is because, I know that, zilch is achieved by taking such untenable positions. In fact, such positions would actually be counter productive – because clustering together of similarly behaved people/species with the attendant inbreeding has been a fact of lifeforms for aeons.

However, we need to be aware of what we can contribute to the greater common good, to the rhythm of life / universe / cosmic order (or ~Dharma, if you will) as individuals and as groups such as Jatis – while being in consonance with the fact that all groups are essential and important to carry ourselves forward in cooperation, complementary inter-operations & towards progress, endless progress; societatis ex machina, if you will. Incidentally, I have also come to the conclusion that there is no ‘free-will’ though it sounds really sexy, exalted, liberal & good to have – because so many of our responses and ‘being’ are so preordained in terms of evolutionary behaviors, genetic traits and the way our brains function. (more on this free-will at some other point of time)

IMO, no group is higher or lower than the other parts of the Dharmic system, historical and non-historical contexts notwithstanding. One needs to be self-aware, self-respectful, self-reliant as individuals and groups – while the notion of self-sufficiency only happens at the level of systems. There perhaps is no hierarchy (of superiority and inferiority), but the social ordering happens perhaps only like SBUs (=Strategic Business Units) pushing the common agenda of an economic entity, to borrow from corporatese.

3. Like any societal construct of us humans, Jati system was a response to the stimuli of the physical environments, societal needs and exigencies of historical contexts. It has evolved over a period of time, is robust and is a successful instance of the survival of a societal category over millennia. Surely it served some significant purpose & continues to – as otherwise, it would have been wiped out.

So, ipso facto, one cannot rubbish it – though, of course there is a very real need for periodical updating and cleansing of detritus. We Bharatiyas have our own significant, Jati-related issues to grapple with, and sure we will.

Of course, time and again, we have had course-correctors and tradition-preservers emerging from our milieu – the acharyas from various Jatis, who have guided us. IMO, there is an enormous amount of uncalled-for ‘Abrahamic enforced guilt’ that is foisted upon the Jati system – which needs to be identified and rejected/debunked – while working on periodical cleansing of the system and the prompt removal of cobwebs.

OTOH, there is enough flexibility in the Jati system, to have or to evolve a new Jati (a neo-Jati, if you will), whose members do not subscribe to the notions of Jati-by-birth, for example. However, it may not remain an amorphous collection of the progressives, but once again move to the realm of an yet another birth-based-Jati in due course/passage of time, over generations… In fact, I see this neo-Jati evolving with urban and/or ‘educated’ elite, slowly and steadily.

All I am saying is, we can not bestow our 21st century ‘received wisdom’ on ourselves – and in the process, rubbishing Indic systems, once again, via ‘received categories of castigation.’

In my considered (or rabid, as the case may be) opinion, there is a place for every strand of thought, belief & action – as long as they are reasonably conformant to the broad contours of Dharma.

4. It is also pertinent to note that ‘Adapt and Go’ has always been the basic idea of the interworking co-operative Jatis that make the Indic fabric. Also the Jatis have always worked in tandem, together to keep the society going, growing. Jatis are/have always been a way for collecting social/economic surpluses, passing on trade skills, accumulated knowledge, way of life to the succeeding generations… always forging ahead – with their duties, obligations and counter-obligations…


Second part: https://othisaivu.wordpress.com/2020/01/24/post-1100/

5 Responses to “jati, caste, left-liberal scum, abrahamic religions – reflections & notes (1/2)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Do you, or Don’t you support Jathi by Birth? Give a clear answer.

    • Ma’am, I thought you knew. We have discussed this many a time. I am well on my way to founding my own birth-based-Jati. Starting from me.

      Have created two members already. My Jati will eventually takeover the whole of Bharat in about 32 generations, given a free run of binary multiplication, borrowing some ideas from the Pharoahs of yore.


      • dagalti Says:


        The Egyptians had it best…

        அப்படின்னு ஒரு AK Ramanujan கவிதைவரி வரும்

        முன்பொருகாலத்தில், ‘பாசமலர்’ பத்தின ஒரு இணைய உரையாடல்ல அதை நுழைச்சுவிட்டேன்

    • Muthukumar Says:

      Dear Agony,
      you see++ , you are not giving clear name , but xpecting a clear answer

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