jati, caste, left-liberal scum, islamism – reflections & notes (2/2)


Continuing from the first part: https://othisaivu.wordpress.com/2020/01/24/post-1099/ – read it first, before continuing with this please!

5. The fact that there was/is NO ‘authorized’ central command to manage the affairs of the Dharmics/Indics has/had its issues like, the inability of the Indics or Bharatiyas to put up a brave/united ‘single’ front – against the criminal jihadi & evangelical goons from the Abrahamic religions including Marxism, in terms of the Abrahamic theologies.

But, in spite of this – our ancestors fought  – bravely and valiantly for many centuries under the umbrella of a fully internalized Dharmic fabric by and large, unlike what the Eminent Historians would have us believe. This continued resistance and immense sacrifices of Indic ancestors – were the stellar reasons why Bharat could not be subjugated so easily and completely – the way Persian, Byzantine and assorted ‘Pagan’ cultures all over the world were decimated within a few decades of the onslaught of the Abhrahamics…

There were also other reasons.

6. Jatis were also the reason why, Invaders and Colonizers of the past circa 1200 years could not make significant inroads into the psyche and demographics of the Indic people – unlike the cases of Iran & others.  In Bharat and in Indic systems, there never have been a single head/authority to behead, so that the rest of the population can ‘fall in line’ and be subjugated without much struggle. There were pretty much independent Jati systems all circumscribed & predicated by Dharmic values – and they were forever rejuvenating themselves, in spite of systematic mass slaughters & despoliation of their cultures.

Even in a given Jati, the invaders could only attack the low-hanging fruits and convert them, to to say. And even if one part of Jati in one area were to be ‘converted’ it did not automatically result in en-masse conversions in-toto or elsewhere. This, in spite of the ‘convert or die’ kind of options that were made ‘available’ to the Indics, by the Abrahamic marauders.

In this context, I would say that, Jatis are an implementation of massively parallel microsystems, whose contours & basic building blocks are Dharmic, and some of whose internals are region, language, tradition, locale specific.

7. The idea of endogamy within Jatis has also ensured that – any wayward converter to non-Dharmic religions would find it difficult to get a mateable target. This has also helped in preserving the integrity of the given Jati and therefore Dharma.

Of course one cannot generalize or go by anecdotal matters, but my own family legend goes somewhat like this: About five  generations back or so, an uncle of my great-great-grandparents on the side of my father, apparently did convert to Christianity – because of enticements: a job in college, possibility of going to England for higher studies etc; he was shunned by his people, because, just like any neo-convert to any new belief system, apparently, he needlessly castigated his former Dharma which was of course not taken lightly by my forefathers; and his sister’s daughter who was supposed to marry him did not anymore agree to marry because of this conversion etc. The converted gent got dejected and eventually became a nowhere man. Or so the story went., even I were to give a deep discount to these narratives. However, I am sure, these aspects of Jati endogamy of Indic society – also had its part in applying breaks on the onslaughts of the invaders.

I have discussed this point with some decent scholars that I have respect for during the past couple of decades, and they seem to agree that this is also an important reason. Apparently there have been very many such cases that they have figured out too. Anyway…


Now, flash forward to the current times, CE 2000 onwards; the liberal-left mafias have been busy acting out their self-goal role of being useful idiots to the Jihadi Islam in particular, and Abrahamic religions in general – collaborating with them, advising them etc etc.

This fact is so evident in the way the the Liberal Intellectual Cabal has mislead the Momin, in the current context of CAA, feeding them with untruth and ignorance. Just like what the LeLis did in the context of Ayodhya.

But, these LeLis should remember what happened in Iran, fairly recently.

Late 1970s: Shah(of Iran)’s regime was opposed tooth and nail by an alliance -of-convenience of two broad forces (farces?) of Iran – Liberal-Leftist cabals and Mullahs’ (Ayatollahs’) fundamentalist jihadi goons.

Of course, this is/was the standard ‘Mullah-Leftie bhai-bhai’ kinda scenario. But as soon as the Shah was deposed and new governing structures were getting formed, the Mullahs completely decimated/executed their useful idiot allies, the Liberal-Leftists.

In India, currently, the useful idiot role is being replayed with fine aplomb by the LeLis, very cheerfully – same ‘Mullah-LeLi bhai-bhai’ redux. The similarities are very striking.

But India is no Iran and BJP’s is, of course, no Shah of Iran. BJP’s Shah is an astute person who doesn’t live in any ivory tower, he emerged from the ranks. Besides, Indic Shah has a vast, well co-ordinated system of support by both volunteers and his organization members. And, there are very many other capable leaders in the patriotic, inclusive narratives.

…But, whether Islamists ‘win’ or not in the Indic context – if the LeLis continue in this asinine appeasement mode, the only way forward will be the complete digestion of Left-Liberal cabals by Islamists. And by Evangelicals.

Anyway, this digestion/co-opting has already started happening in Kerala and West Bengal. But then, probably, the mindlessly manipulative LeLi scum, deserve it.


As per the hints provided by young Sridhar, one way out from this mess for the LeLi scum would be, for them to become a part and parcel of Dharmic grand narratives – simply by becoming a caste/Jati themselves. There is absolutely no cognitive dissonance in this scenario because of the following reasons. (No, weedless to say, I am not smoking my favorite weed, thanks!)

1. LeLis have there own Jati rules and regulations – all centering around  self-hate – and as a reflection, hating India, Hinduism and anything Dharmic; so they could form a heretic(!) sect.

In addition, LeLis out-do the normal Indic Jatis in that, they have their own tough & incredibly rabid exclusionary principles, and ways of ‘othering’ and castigating people, who do not profess their own warped LeLi belief systems.

2. Dharm will in any case allow them to thrive (as it has happily done in the cases of Zorastrians, Arabo-Turkics, Chrisians, Africans etc etc).

3. This LeLi Jati would provide an important & stellar service to the other Jatis within the Dharma fold and also for others, because its members are well trained in a very noble profession: namely, capabilities for brilliant Entertainment & Stand-up comedies, fine tuned by their put-on Intellectualitis.

3. LeLi can have their own favorite Gods & avatars – of the Karl Marx, Mao, EVR ‘Periyar’, Irfan Habib, Dawood Ibrahim kind. Any kind. No issues.

4. Anyway, across India, these LeLis are intermarrying only amidst themselves. No LeLi would ever marry out of their LeLi Jati. Even if they do in rare cases, they would actually be Crypto-LeLis and would merely be waiting for a suitable opportunity to reveal their true selves.

The point is that, LeLis already are, effectively an endogamous group – which is again an important facet of Jatis. So, no problem inbreeding and procreating the next generation of massively entitled & arrogant LeLilets – so this would be Jati-by-birth.

5. They can suitably locate themselves in various slots of the Varna system of classification – basically as Entertainers & Professional protesters.

6. They can even have their own Panth. LeLi panth.

7. Since they are somehow part of Dharm, though they are actually against Dharm, they would be protected selflessly by the forces that preserve and protect various aspects of Dharm. It is in the DNA of the Indics, oh what to do. (Oh how I hate using the term DNA arbitrarily like this! But then, we are talking about LeLis. So anything goes, thanks!)


So Sirs, Ma’ams and the assorted postmodern 1000odd sexes/genders in between & beyond…

Don’t you see that it is a wince-wince situation if LeLis formally form a Jati, as opposed to lose-lose scenarios that would unfold for them, if LeLis were to continue to ally with Islamists and other assorted Abhrahamic faiths including Marxism?

Yes. The Die is Caste.

Truly and verily. Lo.

LeLis have been warned.


9 Responses to “jati, caste, left-liberal scum, islamism – reflections & notes (2/2)”

  1. Oh well.

    Am kinda surprised that these posts haven’t yet attracted any flak, especially from the types of Jeyamohan’s fans (self declared), Dravoodooians and the like.

    Perhaps, nobody, including the professional haters of othisaivu, has the patience to read longform essays/posts – especially in angrezi.

    Or folks have merely been totally stunned into disbelief and hence the silence. But hey, so be it.

    (no, this is not an invitation to stupid people to respond nor a flame-bait)

    • Muthukumar Says:

      //immense sacrifices of Indic ancestors// … OMG.

      //we cannot bestow our 21st century ‘received wisdom’ on ourselves – and in the process, rubbishing Indic systems, once again, via ‘received categories of castigation.’// Rocking sir…

      Anthony J. Marsella, (what is in name?) in his forward to the book “Spirituality and Indian Psychology Lessons from the Bhagavad-Gita”(https://www.amazon.in/Spirituality-Indian-Psychology-Bhagavad-Gita-international/dp/1441981098) states that,
      “ The fact that India, as a nation, has emerged today as a global economic, political, and cultural power, makes Professor Bhawuk’s volume particularly valuable for our current time, for his volume captures a world view – a culturally shaped reality – that offers insights into a land, history, and people formed across millennia. One has only to read the more than 4000 year old bhagavadgItA , to grasp the wisdom of ages that has been honed by suffering, survival, and also an imaginative and creative quest for meaning and purpose by India’s people. Welcome, then, to pages that are sure to delight, to enlighten, and to expand one’s insights regarding a wondrous people, a complex culture, and an enduring heritage.”

      What a life our ancestors have lived such a life as प्रोतं सूत्रे मणिगणा though they had many diversities. Jati gives “varnam” (VARUNAM?) to life, Meaning to life. Can a garden be beautiful with only one kind of flower? Of course, Colour is not a physical quantity (so dravidians or LeLis cannot dissect it). While Westerners started understanding our values(above Anthony J. Marsella), Our LeLis …. what they will take… win-win? Of course, The Die is Caste.

      அத்தனை உலகமும் வர்ணக் களஞ்சியமாகப்
      பல பல நல்லழகுகள் சமைத்தாய்…
      எத்தனை கோடி இன்பம் வைத்தாய்
      எங்கள் இறைவா இறைவா இறைவா!

      குலங்கள் பல, பெருசுகள் பலர்,
      கிண்டலும், உசாவலும்
      அடித்தலும் பிடித்தலும்
      ஒன்றுபட்டு (प्रोतं सूत्रे मणिगणा)
      ஊர்கூடி தேரிழுத்த … காட்சி தெரிகின்றது…

      //LeLi can have their own favorite Gods & avatars – of the Karl Marx, Mao, EVR ‘Periyar’, Irfan Habib, Dawood Ibrahim kind. Any kind. No issues. // why do you have placed EVR , one jati, in another jati? Panica pani, dhooth ka dhooth?

      A happy reading for me. Thanks

  2. dagalti Says:

    /The idea of endogamy within Jatis has also ensured that – any wayward converter to non-Dharmic religions would find it difficult to get a mateable target. This has also helped in preserving the integrity of the given Jati and therefore Dharma./

    Doesn’t this apply in various manners (degrees) to exogamy across jātis too?
    In fact it is not in imaginable that some may even prefer exogamy across religion to exogamy across castes.

    As Ambedkar writes in his ‘Orgin of Caste’ essay

    /But the unnatural thing about these sub-divisions is that they have lost the open-door character of the class system and have become self-enclosed units called castes. The question is: were they compelled to close their doors and become endogamous, or did they close them of their own accord? I submit that there is a double line of answer: Some closed the door: Others found it closed against them. The one is a psychological interpretation and the other is mechanistic, but they are complementary and both are necessary to explain the phenomena of caste-formation in its entirety./

    PS: btw I find it interesting that ‘Orgin..’ is hardly as popular as ‘Annihilation’. I’ve come to believe that it is because the former is hardly politically expedient. Indeed it has portions would be politically problematic for those who delight in the viewing history as conspiracy.

    That said, even Orgin… has a series of எழுத்தாளனின் தன்னுணர்வை அகமனச் சாட்சியாய்க் கொண்டு…. assertions.
    Philology ரேஞ்சுக்கு!

    But still wanted to quote this paragraph alone as it relates to the point you make.

  3. RC Says:

    தங்கள் வரிகளான
    1) there is an enormous amount of uncalled-for ‘Abrahamic enforced guilt’ that is foisted upon the Jati system
    2) Jatis were also the reason why, Invaders and Colonizers of the past circa 1200 years could not make significant inroads into the psyche and demographics of the Indic people
    முதல் வாக்கியம் முழுதும் ஏற்றுக்கொள்ளமுடியவில்லை.அரைமனதாகத் தலையாட்டிவைக்கிறேன்.
    இரண்டாம் வாக்கியத்தோடு ஒத்துப்போகிறேன்.

    RUPA VISWANATH எழுதிய The Pariah Problem புத்தகம் இரண்டாம் அத்தியாயத்தில் சர்ச்களின் சித்திரம் மிஷனரிகளின் பார்வையில் காணக்கிடைக்கிறது.
    Reverend J. A. Sharrock மற்றும் Reverend Margoschis பற்றிய குறிப்புகள் உள்ளது.

    /Conflict between Sharrock and the caste community had come to a head when he attempted to ban the reading of caste names during wedding announcements,35 and such was the outrage that upward of a hundred converts were lost before the Bishop of Madras intervened, forcing Sharrock to reinstate the old practice./

    /Reverend Margoschis, in a rejoinder to Sharrock, described the project thus:
    In India caste had been useful in promoting self-sacrifice, in securing subordination of the individual to an organized body, in restraining vice, in preventing pauperism. Our wisest policy will be to convert caste from a master into a servant, to defeat its evil action, not so much by forcible suppression as by the gradual application of corrective influences; to counteract its false teaching by imparting true ideas of liberty—true principles of political economy, social science and morality/

    கூடவே A. N. Sattampillai தோற்றுவித்த ‘secessionist Hindu-Christian Church’ பற்றிய குறிப்பும்.

    Reverend Margoschis கட்டிய பள்ளியில் தான் என் தந்தை மற்றும் அவரது சகோதரர்கள் படித்து தலையெடுத்தது .நெகிழ்வு ஏதுமற்ற பின்னூட்டம் என்று கூறிக்கொண்டு _ /\_ :-)

    • ஐயா, நன்றி.

      இந்த ரூபா விஷ்வநாத் அவர்களின் புத்தகத்தைப் படித்திருக்கிறேன்.

      அதற்கு ஒரு நீள ஆங்கில விமர்சனத்தையும் எழுதினேன் என நினைவு. எனக்கு நினைவிலிருக்கும்படிக்கு அதன் ஃப்ரெய்ட்ரிஹ்க் நீச்ச அவர்களின் முதல்மேற்கோளிலிருந்து அதன் தொடர்சோகம் என நினைவு. ஏனெனில் அந்த மேற்கோள்தாம் அப்புத்தகத்தின் சட்டகம் வரையறை எல்லாம்.

      எது எப்படியோ, பின்னொரு சமயம் இது குறித்து…

  4. Maragatham Says:

    LeLis are indeed a separate jati and behave like one. Unfortunately the harmless LeLi of the 90s has morphed into a cancerous jati with SM and liberal arts indoctrination…part of the body but has turned upon the body. What is the cure?
    Liberal arts has to be transformed into classical arts and dharmic studies…doubtful that this can be done across the board but we need a few such universities that are world class..
    Also correct history syllabus in schools is needed immediately…vast number of rural youth are entering school for the first time this generation.

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