tragically declining popularity of ‘dravidian’


Google’s Ngram viewer says so. This is serious and would be of major concern to Scholars(!) of Dravidianism(!!) am sure. :-(

In the Google’s corpus of books from 1960 to 2020, if one plots the occurrence of the word ‘dravidian,’ this is the result. Am really sorry to report this.

Just look at the decline and fall of Dravidianism, and start weeping. :-(

In fact, it is so evident that, right after the ‘Internal Emergency’ times in India, the interest of scholars in deeply studying the idea of Dravidianism has been more or less consistently falling.

Does this trend point to any underhand dealing the then CM of Tamilnadu, M Karunanidhi may have had with the International Tamil Scholar community, so that he got to retain his Chiefministership? One cannot really rule out this possibility, given the track record of compromises our Dravidian leadership has had with everyone under the Sun, so that they get to retain & retail the political power in Tamilnadu.


If this does not ring loud, the alarm bells in the surreal/virtual universities of Dravidastan, what else will?

If our own DravidaHistorians do not buck up and reverse the trend, who else will?

Is AR Venkatachalapathy listening? Udhayachandran IAS?? Archaeologist Amarnath Ramakrishnan??? Pari Saalan???? S. Ramakrishnan?????

It is sad that, even the much publicized #keezhadi hooplah and related/assorted excitements have not managed to be effective enough to result in any tangible increase in the interest of the Scholarly communities towards Dravidianism!

So, is Mass Suicide of us Dravidians, the only solution, to attract the interests of Scholars to the plight of Dravidians?

So ends the lament of one of the concerned Dravidians.

Oh what to do. :-(







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