“I have seen the videos of Delhi protests. I condemn police violence!”



This is from the same ACA bloke who is against CAA. Audittorr. Swivel-chair socialist. Incorrigible Nehru(!) & Dravidian (lately turned into one! Amazingo!!) fanboy. Newbie ‘hindutva-hater.’ Impervious to reason and evidence. But, talks about being rational and logical. Mr Hyde will be in splits. Je kill me.

Of course, he has not read the Act. Does not know its history. Does not know about the gory Hindu-Muslim partition (wrongly propagated as India-Pak partition) beyond a couple of books that he thinks he has read. Simply not interested in understanding any stuff in detail and in context. Feels no urge to do at least some little-bit of homework before jumping into sanctimonious conclusions.

Always talks about things at stratospheric levels. Quotes a couple of convenient & grand-sounding samskrit subhakshitas (does not know Samskrit) or that bane of pious lousy Tamils – ‘yaadhum oore…’ (not that he knows his Tamil in any reasonable depth – beyond a few verses of Andal/pasuram)

He is sitting the SillyCon valley, USA. In a plush, swivel chair, parking his ponderous butts, am sure. His northie wifey in toe, perhaps dutifully making ‘milky south indian kaappi’ for her dear useless hubby, while the illustrious hubby is actively teaching virtues of liberalism and secularism and feminism online by simply being a moron. Mor on it later.

Mr Brilliant not understand science, ANY science. But talks, talks AND talks about ‘scientific temper’ and how ‘you Indians don’t have it’ especially ‘AFTER 2014.’ Oh my!

Clown diligently watches random videos. Probably during office hours, using Office infrastructure. Youtube pops-up video after video on what this joker wants to see, based on his viewing history, and the joker gets more and more convinced that his perceptions are the realities – and, froths at the mouth and zeroes-in on the ONLY cause for all the problems plaguing India, um, may be the whole freakin’ world also – ‘Hindutva!’ and then ‘Right Wingers!!’ And, ‘State violence!’ Bah.

Pontificates on ‘State violence.’ Does NOT even begin to know a dravidian’s arse about the constructs of State or of Violence. That, any day, order is preferable to chaos. That, dissent is fine within limits, but not disruption and destruction.

Has NO first hand experience in taking part in protests or rallies. Was always a safe player. Actually, an unalloyed coward. Always avoided conflicts, even if basic dharm was involved – whether it was in his office environs or out on the street. Always chose the paths of least resistance. Naturally, he moved up the office hierarchy. Sucking up, um, I mean, if there is a partial vaccuum above, detritus too can be pulled up, you know. Elementary physics, dammit. Thanks.

But these cowards have suddenly become upholders of panchsheel – because online bravery is oh so easy. If you ask them to come to the real ‘battle fields’  or even some decent ahimsaic field-work, of course they will have all kinds of excuses, ‘My Nike sneakers were nibbled-at by bandicoots, so I cannot get outta home!‘ Oh yeah?

Joker hasn’t managed anything beyond 1) a dead-end office career 2) a sad, benighted spouse who thinks this gent is the personification of all possible virtues 3) grooming their own clueless & entitled protestwallahlets of the ‘liberal arts’ and ‘gap year’ and ‘take a few years off for finding oneself’ etc kind – all subsidized by parents, but who will talk about ‘dignity of labor’ and ‘work ethic’ and ‘standing on one’s own’ to other folks. Goosebumps.

Sincerely believes in solemnly commenting on the ‘ways of the world’ from the sidelines, lamenting about human greed, while earning more and more from the SAME kind of MNCs that he is supposedly ‘ethically against!’ Ethically ignorant nincompoop. Poop, actually.

Of course, it does not surprise me, when, folks who have NEVER done anything significant in their lives, or managed any meaningful project or endeavors, who have essentially sailed along goofballing away, who have always been exalted clerks — have all kinds of great advice to offer to OTHERS, as to how to manage their stuff, about how to run a Nation, how to be polite, how to be politically correct, how to combat ‘climate change’ a la Greater Thunderbug!

…But when, people who I have known about for years, indulge in this ‘advice giving’ from a long-distance, I pause and think… :-(


Chap opines that Police and Army are being paid their monthly salaries to die; to get themselves killed, in their line of duty. So, apparently, one should not over-react (not that I ‘over-react’ed anyway!) and keep things in perspective. But, if Police forces indeed do some law and order maintenance effort, which is actually their line of duty, that will also be condemned heartily by him. Much breaking of bangles will happen from long-distance. If armed forces (or law & order mechanisms) actually work the way they are supposed to work – then also it is a problem of ‘human rights!’ In fact, as per these lumpen, ONLY rights exist for its wayward lumpen citizens, no duties. But, for the Police, only their duty matters, that too restricted to their ill-treatment and death! Given all this skewed thoughtlessness among our privileged intelligentsia, am happy that, he is not for asking them to bare their chest to enemy (internal or external) fire, because, you know, anyway they are paid to die, so why even defend themselves. Thanks Allah, for small mercies.

If a lumpen goon (sorry, a peaceful protestor, seeking basic human-rights!) is blocking the roads, becomes violent, it is only because, he sees himself as a victim. He therefore cannot be dealt with in order to control the collateral damage – even if he burns, pillages, rapes and kills. We should be kind to him. PBUH.

We can only plead with him, non-violently & with folded hands. If someone gets killed in the process, sorry, it is merely a bye-product of the peaceful’s victimhood. Thanks!

But my friendly gent will not condemn himself, for all the fudging of figures and ‘book keeping’ that he does as a matter of routine for his paymasters – breaking and bending all kinds of rules. This, in spite of, all the mater-copulating ethics that gets drilled into wannabe chartered accountants, or so the story goes.  He will demand his RIGHT to his monthly salary, whether or not he is actually contributing  positively to the maintenance & growth of his paymasters or the citizenry. He would be (and IS) happy to draw a salary for merely warming his seat. Thanks so much.


But, in the past few years, I have really come to know about my leftist-liberals, especially of the bunkum NRI BumChum kind. Unadulterated, juvenile arseholes. Banal bandicoots. Certified pseudos. நாயும் பிழைக்கும் இந்தப் பிழைப்பு.

First learn to walk your fuckin’ talk, you scum on earth. Then, we will see what to make of you and your asinine views. Period.

I really feel bad for his children, though. Perhaps, they deserved better parents. *sniff*

The bleak shall inherit the earth.


8 Responses to ““I have seen the videos of Delhi protests. I condemn police violence!””

  1. nparamasivam1951 Says:

    We heard sacrifice of Constable Selvaraj at the hands of peaceful in Coimbatore. Now the sacrifice of Head Constable Ratan Lal in Delhi. Place may be different but perpetrators are the same peaceful people. May be this the meaning of peace.

    • With the kind of Ap’peace’ment the unfortunate momin suffers from (from the likes of LeLis and media scum), he obviously talks only about his rights. And only of imagined wrongs. And thinks Jihad is the only way. Bad leadership too – as always.

      As of now Peace only means going to pieces. Tukde Tukde. Writing on the wall is oh so clear, yes?

      One only sincerely hopes that sanity will prevail among the insane sections. Not only for Bharat’s good – but also for their own good.

      In NO OTHER country, does a given momin have so many rights as in India. But, nobody appreciates that. Oh the tragedy.

  2. ரமேஷ் Says:

    எப்படியாவது தாங்கள் ஆட்சிக்கு வந்துவிட வேண்டும் என்ற வெறி தீராவிட பின்னேற்ற கலகம் மற்றும் இத்தாலிய பார் டான்சர் பார்ட்டி இரண்டுக்கும் மண்டைக்கு ஏறிவிட்டது!இப்போது அவர்கள் பெரிய (மதசார்பற்ற??) டைனசரை வளர்க்கிறார்கள்!நாளைக்கு அதுவே அவர்கள் ஆட்சியில் பெரும் ____ குடைச்சலாக இந்திய தேசத்திற்கே பெரும் அச்சுறுத்தலாக மாறும்!அப்போது யார் என்ன செய்ய முடியும்?

    • A.Seshagiri Says:

      “நாளைக்கு அதுவே அவர்கள் ஆட்சியில் பெரும் ____ குடைச்சலாக இந்திய தேசத்திற்கே பெரும் அச்சுறுத்தலாக மாறும்!”
      கவலை வேண்டாம். சோனியா ஆட்சி இனி ஒருபோதும் வரப்போவதில்லை .சுடாலினாரின் ஆட்சிக்கு இப்போதைக்கு வாய்ப்பு இருப்பதாக தோன்றினாலும் அதுவும் போகப்போக மாறிவிடும் என நினைக்கிறேன்!(ஆக! அவர் ராசி அப்படி!! )

  3. lenin Says:


    Hope you are well.

    You might have noticed that ‘ Close and Accept ‘ button is not visible in Othisaivu page , unless we scroll the page to to right

    Just wanted to check this for the benefit of your followers ,7 1/2 :) .

    Please ignore , if you have already taken care of this one.

  4. Lenin Says:

    seems this issue is intermittent, or my browser is playing up, which i am not sure.

    just tried refreshing the page many times, and could not see this issue!

    • Sir, thanks for letting me know; this is because of a cookie that wordpress sets to serve ads to browsers/users. (I do not have anything to do with that – and so much private info being shared all over in any case, I do not see this as a major issue anyway)

      May be ‘Cookie nahin allow karenge’ would be a good slogan?

  5. Maragatham Says:

    Gentle waves of sarcasm ending in a primal scream followed by a sigh. Great rhythm.

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