More than COVID-19, Tamils are prone to this deadly N0H0P3-200BCE Virus Attacks!


Sorry. This is REAL.

…Unfortunately, current paranoia is about this reasonably dreadly Coronavirus disease wannabe pandemic (COVID-2019 or COVID-19 virus, if you will), produced by China on a massive scale, as usual – but the much bigger and dangerous issue that we Tamils ought to face is this endemically Dravidian, N0H0P3 idiot flu virus; unfortunately, instead of facing it directly and head-on, we always look in the other direction (preferably towards Lemuria or some random ”sangam’ period assignable to randomized dates) when the danger of this virus is omnipresent., here and now & always.

In case your memory needs to be rejigged –  recent attacks of this malevolent and clueless N0H0P3 virus happened during the ‘protests’ against the poor neutrino, as part of a looong series of attacks – and is now happening against CAA.

It is not out of place to mention that, though Dravidians are the most susceptible group for the attacks of this virus, our left-liberal cabals are very well known to be the carriers of this virus; the latter do it by providing a theoretical scaffolding framework for its spread.

So, here its. I originally wrote this a decade back or so: DANGER! N0H0P3 idiot flu virus pandemic 30/07/2015 – but nobody is listening.

Read it at your peril. Or don’t read it anyway, once again falling for another bout of this Dravidian N0H0P3-200BCE idiot-flu virus attack. Choice is yours.

Actually, it is H0P3L355, like totally. Um, unless the idea of this post spreads faster than the freakin’ N0H0P3-200BCE idiot flu virus.



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