Gandhian, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Javed Akhtar, Rumi, Tom Chi, 100 Monkeys, Protests: Debunking Myths & Reality enforcement based on Evidence – notes


This is an extraordinarily extra long-form response (only 2900+ words) to a mail sent (when I add his original posted by way of screenshots, this ADDS some 1000+ words of original ammunition for me – making it a grand total of ~4000 words) by a respected Gandhian, who is all for tolerance, love and spiritual growth. I have personally known this kind, well-accomplished gent for the past 20+years – he is now staying at an ashram doing sewa; of course, I have redacted all personal references.

Ok, my dear 7½ hapless readers of this blog,

Do treat this as my Covid19 special treat(!) to you – considering the fact that, in any case, you are either going to die via Covid19 Chinese Special Virus – or by this offending post. At least this post will do a swift job.

Considering the fact that there is a Chinese way and an Indian way to die, hopefully you would stay a patriot. Frankly there is NO other choice. Sorry. Offer valid till… … *cough* aargh! *cough* w h e r e    i…..s m y      mo sq …e… … c… a’t  br ea…th, ayyo….  am I seeing hoors…?


Dear X-ji, Namaste.

This is a rather looooong mail – and please bear with my impudence & temerity, and – as and when you get around to reading this email in its entirety, and are done with it, please do respond.

At the outset I want to thank you for all the interesting and soulful text & emails you have been sending out, which I have been hugely enjoying, mulling over them etc and of course, I have willingly subscribed to your newsletter. I am also a huge fan of Bapuji’s Hind Swaraj & have an immense respect for his ‘bahuroope-ness.’ Though I am a nobody, also steeped in avidya, or may be because of it, I have some difficulties understanding him and reconciling him with his hagiographies. But this is not the context for this mail.

I read and reread your mail, that you have written (+ compiled) and sent pretty recently – about the ‘drop and ocean – Javed Akhtar’s wisdom,’ and thought a lot about it. I found several things to be off evidence & reality in your mail-text – though I very much respect your basic human concern for our fellow-beings & universal love – & of course, I share the optimism that you exude. But, I still feel that, someone has fed a bunch of incorrect info / disinfo / rumors to you – as almost every single one of the various bits of info in the mail, is not based on evidence or data.

I will tackle them one by one, parsing through your entire email, as a feedback to your ideas – and if you feel like it & are okay with it, please feel free to share this email with my fellow-readers of your forward looking & sanguine messages. This is because, you would be doing a yeoman’s service to your readership, if various ideas & points-of-view in your email newsletter could be properly interpreted by the readers – if contrarian views also emerge. But, it is your call.

Perhaps it may result in a healthy dialogue and some additional food for thought, in these days of ‘lock-down’ and much else. May be not. Dunno.

Anyway, here goes…

1. Scientist Tom Chi related matters:

1.1 He is actually an American. He merely talks about ‘inter-connectedness’ across 3 ideas (and he also generalized without major data-points, but that is besides the point – may be the TEDx talk was for a non-technical audience) but he does not, even for a moment, connect with the concept called ‘God.’

1.2 Also AFAIK, but for Indic and certain (fast dying)indigenous traditions across the world – One-ness is actually looked down upon. If one gives even a cursory reading of the Abrahamic basic texts such as ‘The Bible’ and ‘Quran’ – the ‘othering’ and belittling of other cultures is very evident. ‘Others’ are castigated in the Abrahamic religions as Infidels, Kaafirs and are actually treated with contempt and disdain. In fact as per their seminal texts, unless one subscribes to their faiths, heaven is barred for kaafirs and infidels! In other words, there is not idea of harmonious ‘plurality’ in many world cultures & religions. It is all about violently ‘singularing,’ if normal tactics of harvesting souls do not work.

1.3 Evidence from (one of many such similar homophobic ones) from the Bible: Mathew (10.34) “Do not assume that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.”

1.4 Evidence from the Quran: There are so many ‘Sword’ verses (to my knowledge, some 150 or so) that call for the outright beheading, murder & mayhem of kaafirs and infidels, raping of their females, enslavement are beyond all these and looting of their properties; of course the poll-tax jizya is not being taken into consideration.

1.5 Am just giving two examples (only) to prove my point, from the Quran:

1.5.1 Sura 47:4 ”When you encounter the unbelievers, strike off their heads, until ye have made a great slaughter among them…”

1.5.2 Sura 8:38-39 “Unbelievers… And fight them on until there is no more Tumult or oppression, and there prevail Justice and faith in Allah”

1.5.3 I am ONLY listing out many of the ‘sword’ verses from the Quran: (please weep!) means x sura, abc verse — 2:178, 2:179,2:190, 2:191, 2:193, 2:194, 2:216, 2:217, 2:218, 2:244, 3:121, 3:122, 3:123, 3:124, 3:125, 3:126, 3:140, 3:141, 3:146 … … … 63:004, 64:014, 66:009 … …  73:020, 76:008 (there are more than 150 such verses!)

1.6 Hence ‘one-ness,’ though ideally & heartily one would like to relate to that – it is NOT corroborated in reality by any of the non-Indic cultures and traditions.

2. The 100th Monkey – A story about social change:

2.1 This story about Macaca fuscata, the Japanese monkey species is an urban legend, an utter falsification. It has been debunked many decades back – but it keeps resurfacing again and again. While we all like to believe fuzzy, warm, soothing ‘telepathy’ kind of stories, no, this did not happen. Dr Lyall Watson made it all up. Dr Watson lied that he had met Masao Kawai, one of the senior researchers working on the original macaque project. When asked about Watson’s claims. Kawai said he was not “aware of any sweet potato washing or other skills that propagated more rapidly than would be expected by normal, individual, ‘pre-cultural’ propagation.”

Dr Lyall Watson was merely a pious fraud since he made up things and passed them off to conveniently fit his narrative.

2.2 Ronald Amundson debunked the story in 1985 ( and 1987; also Markus Pössel and Amundson wrote again an updated version in 1996 and thoroughly debunked it.

2.3 So, ‘awareness’ getting picked up via some ‘field’ etc are NOT corroborated by Science or by Macaques. At least, not yet.

3. Faiz Ahmed Faiz’ s “Hum Dekhenge” verses:

3.1 You wrote: “When it was being sung at a meeting in IIT Kanpur, objections were filed against it on grounds of having the potential to create communal disturbances. Therefore, the Director of IIT constituted a Committee to go into the meaning of the Urdu words used in it.”

This is fake news. Wonder why it was not verified before sending it across to the whole group. The committee/panel at IIT Kanpur was formed to investigate administrative issues around the event where Faiz’s poetry was recited. The panel was formed to analyse whether proper permissions were taken and if any rules were broken by the organisers or by the participants; and if some indiscipline were to be found, as to how corrective action to be taken++. There was NO SCOPE to go into the meaning of the verses via Urdu etc etc.

3.2 This poet Faiz, did not utter a SINGLE word against the fearsome persecution of Ahmadiyyas and genoncide/whittling away of Hindus in West Pakistan. You must remember that Faiz was great friends with Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and was very close to him – and yet, when Bhutto moved the second constitutional amendment, 1974 – a law against Ahmadiyyas (, rejecting their way of Islam and calling them unislamic – Faiz did not raise as much as a whimper. So much for his humanity and revolutionary poetic spirit. (after all, didn’t he willingly migrate to Pakistan, knowing fully well that, it was an ISLAMIC state, as per its constitution?)

Of course he also never bothered to write anything against the genocide of Hindus in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). All he was bothered about was his exalted ‘leftism’ and we, in India, want to celebrate him! Why? Just because he was opposed to General Zia? The reality is that he practiced double standards. And celebrating him or his verses is tantamount to celebrating bigotry & convenient double standards.

3.3 Now, let us look at a couple of stanzas of the same ‘hum dekhenge’ poem of Faiz that you are batting for.

Jab arz-e-Khuda ke kaabe se
Sab but uthwae jaenge
Hum ahl-e-safa mardood-e-harm
Masnad pe bethae jaenge
Sab taaj uchale jaenge
Sab takht girae jaenge

Bas naam rahega Allah ka
Jo ghayab bhi hai hazir bhi
Jo manzar bhi hai nazir bhi
Utthega an-al-haq ka nara

Rough translation of the above:

When from this God’s earth’s (Kaa’ba)
All falseness (icons) will be removed
Then we of clean hearts-condemned by Zealots those keepers of
We, will be invited to that altar to sit and Govern-
When crowns will be thrown off- and over turned will be thrones

We shall see
Certainly we, too, shall see
that day that has been promised to us
The God’s name will remain (Allah will remain)
Who is invisible and visible too

3.4 It immediately transpires that, what he was for – is a breaking/destruction of Idols in Kaaba (that Muhammad Nabi did in person, just because those idols didn’t belong to the religion designed by him) and that Allah is supreme lord and his rule will prevail! He is using a rather authoritarian and ‘their-own-God is the Only-God’ kind of bigotry & imagery as the one to follow; why would any one other than a rabid Islamist like to recite these despicable, undemocratic verses? Why would protesters use these Jihadi verses which talk derogatorily about other religions and want to destroy idols of other faiths?

This sounds so wrong and unethical to me!

4. Javed Akhtar related disinformation:

4.1 Javed Akhtar is at best a dubious, duplicitous person and a piously liberal fake.

Flouting ALL rules he was an ‘Independent Director’ of Jet Airways Ltd, all the way from 1993 – for nearly 25 years. He and his second wife Shabana Azmi are both smalltime shareholders in Jet, but it is an open secret that it was a Dawood Ibrahim funded company via tax-havens, last link being Seychelles. Again, he is an out and out plagiarist and I have played my part in opening up his murky, thieving past many a time. Even recently, I tweeted ( about his Sholay related plagiarism (lifted from an Italian film, frame by frame) and of course was instantly blocked by him.

Again, when convenient, he is an Islamist, but otherwise he says he is an Atheist. A case in point is when, he had to divorce his first wife because his second wife (Shabhana Azmi) wanted him to. So, this chap goes and conveniently says TalaqTalaqTalaq and got rid of his first wife in a canonical, easy and demeaning Islamic way. These are all well ( documented. He is a misogynist.

And you hold aloft this lumpen (at best) for his pious views, perhaps because Sir, you are not aware of his murky unethical side. He has, if anything, only negative credentials.

But apart from all the negative qualifications of Javed, he ALSO got many things wrong in the video for which you have provided a link; the thing is, he, like any inveterate liar, moves heaven and earth to suit his narrative.

4.2 Javed got the translation wrong. Ana-al-haqq means ‘I am truth’ and NOT ‘aham brahmasmi.’

4.3 Javed lies about Sarmad. Sarmad (a Jewish guy, who liked Hinduism and was a naked fakir) did not get beheaded because he uttered ana-al-haqq. This happened because he supported Dara Shikoh and this fact was not liked by Aurangzeb Alamgir. He asked Sarmad to recite the Kalma (=la illaaha illallahum muhammadur-rasullallah, there is no God but Allah, and Muhammed is the messenger of Allah) and he did not or only said only a part of it. So, he promptly got beheaded in the tried and tested Islamic way, of course!

4.4 Javed got the factual details about Mansur wrong. Mansur Al-Hallaj (CE 857–922) was an ordinary Persian Muslim who happened to like Vedanta (particularly Advaita) and he actually kept saying ‘ana-al haqq’ but he was merely treated as a madman. But he went back to Baghdad and started working with rebels plotting against the Caliph. Of course he was caught in flagrante delicto.  Some Sufis (who hated Mansur because he appreciated Sanatan Dharma) made use of this opportunity and got him killed by the Caliph for apostasy. It is important to note that we have mostly an incorrect opinion of the Sufis. They were merely rabid Islamists in the garb of, whatever.

4.5 Javed Akhtar Katju, along with his bunch of disinfo, deserves to be tossed. (only way by which Javed could be saved from this ignominy, would be, to assume that he is illiterate and ignorant of the histories, but then…)

5. “After the video of Javed came out, the IIT-Kanpur controversy over the song disappeared”:

5.1 The mail says that: “To the best of my knowledge, the Committee appointed by the Director of IIT did not even submit a report on this controversy. Just one small action on the part of Javed Akhtar affected the minds of thousands, and was enough to douse what looked like the start of a major fire.”

5.2 The fact is that, IIT-K committee of six responsible persons, did submit the report, saying reciting Faiz’s ‘Hum Dekhenge’ Was ‘Unsuitable to Time, Place’- which is correct. I think we should take into cognizance, how Faiz’s ‘Hum Dekhenge’ with communal overtones – specifically praises breaking of Idols/murtis belonging to other religions and proclaims the superiority of only the Islamic godhead, Allah. The committee correctly observed that it was not correct on part of the protestwallahs to assemble and protest knowing fully well that Sec 144 had been promulgated – and hence suggested that the protestwallahs (five faculty and six students) be counseled.

5.3 A newspaper report of the committee’s recommendations was published ( on 16th March, 2020.

6. Ana-al-huqq, aham brahmasmi redux:

6.1 Your mail says that: “ALL the religions derive their strength from this one insight – referred to as ‘aham brahmasmi’ in Hinduism, ‘ana-al-haq’ in Islam. Christ conveyed the same through his famous words “I am the Truth, the Way and the Life”. The founders of all religions experienced the Unity behind the apparent plurality of this world and its inhabitants. They asked their followers to do the same by cleansing the mind of its impurities, for these impurities block our access to this Unity. All the rites, rituals, pilgrimages etc. that constitute a religion are means to this cleansing of impurities. The end is making our consciousness pure, for at that level the Unity becomes self-apparent – and then we realize that our true essence and God are one and the same…”

6.2 Ana-al-haqq is NOT in Islam; in fact, it is ANTI Islam. It was one deluded (temporary) mystic’s way for which he paid a high price. Islam, unfortunately, has a despicable attitude to the Kaafirs and Infidels – and only one idea of ‘Sword’ has been referenced in detail in 1.4

6.3 There is a difference between ‘I am the Truth’ as allegedly said by Jesus – and ‘Truth is multi-faceted.’ In any case, please recollect the reference to Sword and wilful separation of a believer from his family – as said by Jesus again, Ref: 1.3

6.4 Rest of the things mentioned by you, are stemming from your good and noble intentions – not from that of the Abrahamic faiths, which please note.

7. Erwin Schrodinger and Max Planck – their views on Advaita and Consciousness:

7.1 Thanks for pointing out these phenomenal folks yet again. They are seers, at more than level. I really appreciate the way, you weave a garland of an email newsletter, garnished by the thoughts and processes of such incredible folks.

8. Ruminations on the ‘persian mystic(!)’ Jalaluddin Rumi:

8.1 In fact, I am of the considered opinion that the entire Sufis and their wisdom, their universality are all, way over-rated. (however I like my Sufiana Kalaam, listen to it with rap attention, and am an admirer of may sufiyana singers such as Mir Mukthiar Ali of Bikaner)

8.2 This Rumi is NO exception. He has been a rabid Islamist, no spiritualist, called Hindus as black dogs, evil people, likened them to evil omen; called Hindustan names, wanted Hindustan to be destroyed in ‘Turkish Style!’

In fact, anything Hindu or Hindustan was always used in a derogatory sense by him. His bigotry actually shines through, in many of his voluminous verses in Masnavi-i-Manavi.

8.3 I seriously studied Sufis and Sufi movement (including Rumi) for many years (lost in the swirling mists of time) – and some of my notes about the horrible utterances of this Rumi are at: (othisaivu is my twitter handle, please scroll down to view the evidence from Rumi’s own rabid frothing at the mouth, exemplifying his bottomless bigotry – there are 14 info-bits out thers.)

How Rumi and his Sufi ilk are celebrated as ‘universal love and brotherhood’ preaching spiritually evolved forms, is beyond me!


Okay, that’s it.

X-ji, hope I have not majorly annoyed you – I took the liberty of writing this long response, because I know that you value the truth and honesty more than anything else. I also believe that you want to have a dialogue, instead of a monologue.

Of course, I am willing to be corrected on each and every count, if my understanding is incorrect or if there are irrefutable evidences to the contrary.

Love, respect & hugs:




(Actually, verily – of you and me!)




6 Responses to “Gandhian, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Javed Akhtar, Rumi, Tom Chi, 100 Monkeys, Protests: Debunking Myths & Reality enforcement based on Evidence – notes”

  1. Ahem!

    If you want to make me believe that you have actually lived thru the whole post and are here to tell the story, may be you can mark your atten dunce, eh?

    • Sridharan Says:

      Present sir! This Akhtar is just one of the many dubious dipshis in the INDUSTRY (the likes of bollywood,kollywood, etc., where scums become STARS by promoting toxicity and looting AAM JANTA) who consistently spews venom. These creatures pose like they are ultra-progressive liberandu intellects, in general, but actually are nothing more than blood-thirsty barbarians, at best, who are bent on butchering the very ethos of this land. I do know these buffoons are quite popular amongst the mindless aam aadmi of this country (otherwise they wouldn’t be where they are) but I don’t quite comprehend how they end up in the good books of a Gandhian! There are few exceptions though, who do some good to the society/country but are very few and I don’t see them being mentioned that often like these bloodsucking leeches do.

  2. Akhilan Says:

    Reached till 7.1. Dropped off 8, on “Choice” – And any way, going beyond 7.5 is illegal here. Hence still alive.

  3. Akhilan Says:

    And for 1.3, It seems to me that the literal meaning is cited here rather than the contextual meaning. Of course, I have not read thru’ Bible and am no body to comment it as literal or contextual. If literal meaning is taken, our own Bhagavad Gita can be termed as similar one with few of the verses of Chapter-2

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