spitting, recycling the used-water (the result/by-product of cleaning our posteriors post defecation) – notes on some arabo-islamic traditions & further reflections


… in the context of the lumpen from Tablighi Jama’at spitting on the caring, compassionate & overworked government healthcare staff and police forces of Bharat.

Actually, all of us should understand and realize that, what these lumpen have done is, in reality, as per authorized/accepted traditions from the hoary pasts of Islam, therefore halaal (not at all haraam); obviously it goes without saying that, these spitting kind of incidents, therefore – should actually be taken as a compliment/reward if not as a rare honour/privilege, by the spat-at folks.

This is what the post-modern, post-woke cultural relativism is all about. Respecting traditions etc from the points of views of their own. Period. All else will lumber along in delirium. Thanks.

In fact, the lumpen may (correctly) feel and deeply resent the fact that, as to why they are being targeted unjustly, because what they have done is merely as per the accepted/venerated examples of lawful behavior.

But then, we must understand that it is a completely, totally & amazingly – an internally consistent islamic universe that the Tablighis (as also hardcore islamists) live in. It is all very fascinating. External consistencies be damned, thanks to cultural relativism.

Anyway, please click on the tweet (sorry, just in case you do not realize that it can be done) to read the thread of 6 tweets. (all evidences are based on authentic, verified hadiths as in Sahih Bukhari; references are given)


If the above link does not work for some reason, please use this.

Oh well. These being some of the traditions, in fact, exalted ones at that – why are we even surprised, if the Tablighi lumpen exhibit execrable behaviors? Hmm??



If is easy to accuse me of being an Islamophobe, it is a free country & life is a two way street and all that – but I must tom-tom a few things I have done in my life so far; before you accuse me of anything, do at least 50% of what I have done and then let us talk.

1. I have actually studied Quran, Hadiths (a lot, much of it but not completely – but ALL of the Reliance of the Traveller/Umdat as-Salik), Sira and much else, many times over, for various reasons – like understanding the contexts, critiquing etc etc. I am also a reasonable student of history. So, feel free to spar with me, if you must.

2. Have recruited (literally single-handedly) 90 odd young muslim science/engg graduates – lobbying/fighting my way through in the organizations I have worked for over the years, because my idea then was ‘all other things being more or less equal, even if is slightly less equal – I will prefer to recruit muslim youth’ because, I felt then that, Indian Muslims seriously lack a professional, burgeoning middle-class who are enlightened etc. There are many other reasons but… (but I have now, pretty much given up on the idea because of the terrible issues that I have had to suffer because of my recruits, for various reasons – they mostly got into a mob mentality & persistent victimhood-narratives, I regret to reflect… but am also happy that, a few of them have indeed escaped from their jama’at or from umma itself, if you will)

Incidentally, even a couple of years back, when I had to choose a project manager to manage my engineering staff, I selected a muslim lad of an Imam father. Sweet chap. Of course there were other valid, non-muslim candidate folks.

But it has been my idealistic stupidity, by and large. I will NOT do these kinds of enervating things & thankless tasks again. That is, I will NOT recruit/favor a person, just because he is a muslim youth.

3. Believing the rumors that Muslims are not being given rented-acco, I lobbied for and got an Muslim teacher as a tenant for my father’s house – and paid dearly for it. (Gory details in the Tamil post about the same: முஸ்லீம்களுக்கு வீட்டினை வாடகைக்கு விடுவது எப்படி? 10/02/2014)

4. I have been a teacher for a while now and have had a good number of Muslim kids – across economic sections. I have tried to help some of these kids in difficult financial situations, as also a few others to specifically help in their businesses of leased-orchards, auto-mechanic shops etc – perhaps, not with any expectation of any return/gratefulness – but must admit, these facts have been useful for this particular post.

’nuff said.

If you have any reasonable alt-take, based on tangible, verifiable evidence to the contrary, of course am willing to acknowledge, adapt, correct-myself and go.

In the meantime, I think, we all should indulge in a serious study of Islam and reflect on what is possible, doable and what are not – not only for the sake of a peaceful world, but also for our own personal peace and coming-to-terms with reality. (likewise, we must do the same for the rabid/evangelical Christianity too!)

Is a Bharatiya Islam possible? Can a notion of it – one that is progressive, willing to re-look at the Quran, take what is needed & then move on – and that which acknowledges the atrocities of the Islamic imperialism over the Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Sikh populations & their cultural artifacts – and that which proudly reclaims the Bharatiya roots of its ancestors… … that which therefore, would not be blamed for the atrocities of its ancestors?

Is it even possible?

*waking up*

Pass me my joint please!

Thanks. bfn.

4 Responses to “spitting, recycling the used-water (the result/by-product of cleaning our posteriors post defecation) – notes on some arabo-islamic traditions & further reflections”

  1. Sridhar Says:

    Treating spit and recycling of used water do sound like extreme cases of surrender.  I’ve read about the bones, strands of hair and teeth of Buddha were treated as holy relics  – not exactly a sign of Bhakti or surrender.  I don’t know if such a practice was there in any Bhakti movement in India.  (Vaguely remember that மெய் வழிச்சாலை had this practice.  Sorry, no reference, but just from memory from the days before I learned to read. Not surprisingly, the founder was from a Muslim family.)

    I live in a mixed locality in which  Muslims of upper-middle-class do not stand out with their practices and life goes as usual in our interactions.  For all practical purposes, their lifestyle is not too different from Hindus in the area.  I know that it can be difficult for a Muslim to find rental accommodation in many parts of the country.  That’s a reality that progressive Muslims have to face. 

    Religion serves two basic purposes – a sense of community and a bit of spiritual support.  As far as Muslims looking for accommodation in non-ghettos, I assume that they want to be part of the larger community.  Why don’t they just convert for social acceptance and keep the spiritual part to their heart – if they really want to?  After all, they do not need forms to worship/pray.  This can also give them the freedom to be an atheist or an agnostic. 

    During Islamic invasions, conversions were done brutally.  And many  Hindus and Buddhists would have converted when they couldn’t pay Jaziaya.  They were all government-sponsored conversions.  Now they can convert back for better reasons of being part of a larger society, freedom to worship a form that they can relate to and so on.

    Religion is not a thing that people are born with.   Yes,  people are born in certain communities – but in India, you can always feel being part of any community – if you wish. We have seen people moving from all parts of the country to cities and continue to earn a living and feel accepted.  Muslims should be willing to let go of any conditioning as part of their religious upbringing,  discover their freedom and identify themselves with the larger community.

    To convert, there are legal processes that they will have to go through.  If they wish to choose a personal deity,  they may need some learning the ritual associated with that worship.   They may also need new identities to escape from the bounty hunters. I hope Hindu organizations can help in this process. 
    It can be a much better, freer life!  Welcome to the Hindu way of life.

    • Sir, Sridhar, thanks so much for that considered response. I understand where you are coming from and have respect for your dharmic perspectives.


      If wishes were arses. Though I also yearn to tease-out, figure & understand the ways by which integration could be made possible.

      But am not overly optimistic because,

      1) Islam is not merely a religions system (leave alone the ‘single source, non-immutable, final’ nature of it) – it is also a terrible political system coupled with details of every minutiae specified.

      Also, there is a clear separation between us and them. Dar al-Islam/al-Tawhid and Dar al-Harb. (am not even talking about gazwah-e-hind)

      2) Fate of apostasy (or riddah, if you will – there is another picturesque word in arabic, which I can’t recall currently) is terrible in Islam. Unless there is an envelope of overt/covert protection for the apostates. (I personally know of two apostates (they are not famous) who live in a constant fear of mullahs/goons, terrified for their lives and that of their families)

      Punishment for apostasy is not merely at a civil level, it is also at the level of dealing with dastardly crimes.

      3) Muslims (in Bharat at least) do NOT have ANY enlightened leadership at ALL. Those who are enlightened (only a few of these species are there) are immediately ridiculed as Sanghis or Sold-outs. So they lose heart, made effete.

      4) AFAIK, the youth are near totally brainwashed. A few exceptions that are there, do not enjoy any support. (you must understand that brainwashing 5 times a day that ‘there is only one god, and that is our god only’ and ‘our person is the only and last representative of god’ does not help; nor do the friday longish sermons, which in many cases only help to fan the hatred of the ‘other’)

      5) Honestly, there are many points that we ought to consider, but am tired of repeating them over and over again (to many of my ex friends and current friends, who would also become ex) and anyway, now, I gotta go to my veg patches to take out the bile.

      However, I wish your best wishes, my sincere & best wishes.


  2. nparamasivam1951 Says:

    Oh! Anurag Dixit has a doubt with Sabha Naqvi. In between entered Othisaivu.
    This resulted in getting us six nice tweets wherein how Ali’ eyes were spit,
    how the left out water after cleaning xxus used by followers.
    May be present day biriyani shops follow this principle. Videos of spitting
    in Biriyani is known to many but the toilet water portion video are yet to come.
    By the by, now only I observed that the “twitter handle” has upsidedown logo.
    Since when 🤔

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