Jalaal ud-din Akbar, the Moghul Jihadi & a mass-murderer of Hindus – notes


Yes. Akbar ‘the Great’ s/o Humayun, grand son of Babur, was actually a Jihadi. He worked for his Caliphate. He hated Infidels/kaafirs. He was for an Islamic State & was an Islamist.  He was for annihilation of Kaafirs/infidels. He killed non-combatant Hindus. Enslaved hapless Hindu women & Children. Looted. Was for the destruction of ‘polytheist’ Hindu idols & temples. One of the stellar examples of this set of attributes of Akbar, is what happened during and after his ‘Siege of Chittorgarh’ circa 1568.

That is, Akbar followed Islamic practices as exemplified by his Prophet.

If Akbar were around now, he would be heading ISIS, yes – and of course, would be beheading Kaafirs/Kuf’rs. Thanks so much!

Jodha Jihadi Akbar

That’s why he is the darling of our Left-liberal, eminent Twistorians.


Some notes based on his own admissions & fathnama ‘victorious rants’ follow. This was originally posted by me, as a twitter thread comprising some 15 tweets, and is reproduced here.

Debunking the myths about Jalaluddin ‘Akbar,’ the blood thirsty Mongol/Mughal warlord… …that, he was a humanist, considerate etc – with all the fabricated/overdone stories of ‘sulh-i kul‘ universal peace, ‘deen-i illahi,’ religious tolerance, ganga-jamuni tehzeeb… (1/15)

Because he was an out-and-out Islamist Jihadi mass-murderer, who was most interested in playing his designated role as the lead of his Islamist Caliphate. (and to think that Akbar is celebrated for his ‘sarva dharma sambhavana’ etc!) (2/15)

Siege of Chittorgarh (Mewar, Rajasthan) happened between October 1567 & February 1568; the Sisodias & their vastly outnumbered brave Rajput warriors of Mewar defended their fort for ~4 months against the continuous assaults of a much superiorly armed Mongol army of Akbar. (3/15)

Finally Siege was broken and the Mongols won.

Then, Mughals followed up their bloodbath with the killing of innocents – boys, men + slave taking of women, as authorized in Islam. Qatl-e-aam. ‘massacring in-general/all.’ With the full blessings & based on an ORDER of Akbar. (4/15)

Extracts from the Fathnama-e-Chitor (9th March, 1958) – a ‘victory letter’ issued by Akbar from Ajmer, in which he clearly says he is waging a Jihad, invokes Islam, calls his state a Caliphate & orders mass killings of the innocent Hindus in the name of Allah & his Prophet. (5/15)

Akbar considers himself a Sultan working on the idea of khilafat/caliphate and says Allah helped his army finish off the Infidels. And, quotes extensively from Quran. Many bloodthirsty ‘sword verses’ are quoted. (6/15)

In which, he considers his state a khilafat / Caliphate. So much for the myth & the systematic propaganda that Moghuls ‘blended in’ with Indians and Bharat – whereas in reality, the Mongol horde/invaders where ONLY in interested in converting Bharat to Dar al-Islam. (7/15)

Akbar is very clear; he talks about War (Ghiza) AND, Jihad.

Under Jihad, as he says, he has annihilated infidels, raised the standard of Islam, removed the darkness of polytheism by Sword. Destroyed temples, idols in India!

(but Akbar is SECULAR!) (8/15)

Akbar makes it clear that War (Ghiza) as well as Jihad, were in his mind when he was planning to attack the Rana (=Udai Singh II, father of Maharana Pratap Singh) of Chitor.

Akbar also thought of his increasing zeal for his ‘divine religion!’ Is Jihad Secular or what?? (9/15)

Akbar makes it amply clear that his soldiers/troops were merely Jihadis, who were interested in achieving ‘martyrdom.’ (10/15)

After the siege is broken, the Islamist army of Akbar, as per command, does Qatl-e-aam.

Killing of ALL infidels. Outright massacre of even non-combatants. Enormous slave taking of women+children.

Because ‘Allah permits it.’ He was an austere scholar of Islam, of course! (11/15)

More than 30, 000 Hindus got massacred in this particular instance of Qatl-e-aam.

While winding up / summarizing his Fathnama, Akbar is happy that a Jihad was waged successfully and is therefore thankful to Allah, in a secular-liberal way, of course! (12/15)

Akbar winds up his Jihadi Fathnama with the hope that he will reach the seat of his Caliphate – Agra soon. (13/15)

Our left-liberals are oh so particular about reiterating that Mughals, especially like Akbar, were very Indianized and were more Indians than Hindus.

So, a Caliphate is Hindu or Secular? Is Jihad Secular??

Am confused. (14/15)

Sources: Off: Saiyid Abul Qasim Namakin, Munshaat-wa Ruqaat-i Namakin, Aligarh University MSS No. 26, Farsiya 3 Nathr; Fathnama-i Chitor.

+ An annotated translation by Ishtiaq Ahmed Zilli & Ishtiaq Ahmad Zilli. Proceedings of the Indian History Congress, Vol. 33 (1971), pp. 350-361 (15/15)


Of course Akbar is the most tolerant of all the OTHER Moghuls, and this much we ought to accept. Thanks! When there have been no real standards of/for Moghuls to live up to, our genteel Aurangzeb could be hailed as an Angel, yeah?

Also, Moghul contributions, such as the above, to Bharat have really been great, tremendous, marvelous, excellent, incredible, unbelievable, humane, syncretic etc etc.

Akbar, is truly the Great. Amen.


Other pointers to (data/primary source based) information that praise Akbar.




3 Responses to “Jalaal ud-din Akbar, the Moghul Jihadi & a mass-murderer of Hindus – notes”

  1. Muthukumar Says:

    I have been taught that akbar was kreaaate.


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