Othisaivu & Rudeness: Stephen King & Yudhishthira come to the rescue


It is not that I want to become ‘successful as a writer’ or anything, bah, oh my – but, I find the following snippet from Stephen King (from his book ‘On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft‘) to be useful.

This is XXL: 2500+ words; it would be useful to plod thru’ the whole thing, as it provides context & some clarification for this Othisaivu blog – the Resonance. प्रत्याह्वय, if you will…

but if you expect to succeed as a writer, rudeness should be the second-to-least of your concerns. The least of all should be polite society and what it expects. If you intend to write as truthfully as you can, your days as a member of polite society are numbered, anyway

And am really happy, NOT to be a part of pseudo-polite & politically correct, exalted, high & mighty society. Thanks.

Postscript: It is amazing that, even within the abysmally farcical, mere 7.5 folks who have been unfortunate enough to read the blog for a few years now, how many can be turned absolutely away, because their political-correctness bubbles are going/getting bust once in a while. (proximate causes: my blogs on Islamism, Chacha Nehru and MySourPAK)

This post is about clarifying 1) how the ‘turned away’ Jokers do not matter to me, beyond this post 2) my ideas about my wellsprings.

YMMV of course!


But then, coming back to Stephen King’s quote – I have no pretensions at all of being an ‘Auteur,’ thank heavens – or God forbid, being a ‘Public Intellectual!’ How can I be?

And, happily for me, I have NO need to ‘preserve the flock’ and zealously guard it against, um… whomever, whatever… and modify, smoothen whatever narratives that I spout out as my rabid views and as incorrigibly infinite wisdom. If you feel that I am arrogant, just because I have expressed my opinions, that too based on relevant data points and careful assumptions – it is too bad, so be it.

In any case, I do not have any significant fear of offending others. In fact, often times, I offend myself. Ha.

Yes, I have been generally careful about my identity, who I am etc (it is not a big deal now), for various reasons in the past – but I am also careful, not to reveal anyone else‘s name/identity – even of those few who were very vicious and outright criminal; at least once, I have received beheading threats from Jihadis, but I have never complained to Police or anything – even though I traced who those folks were/are – down to their names, home address, telephone numbers, where they work etc.

I do not feel insecure. But, I do not want people (or institutions) associated with me to suffer because of my actions. But I am not a coward (this is because I am not a left-liberal  like you – you brave people hit ONLY convenient/safe targets, that too unjustly! You only attack weak people who cannot retaliate – and conveniently ignore problematic ideologies/fellows like Islam-Jihadis and Christianity/Evangelicals – and even ally with them as a tactic or because of mortal fear).  You left-liberal weaklings always bother about NOT harming whatever your own foreskin, you castrated eunuchs have in the game. Hypocrite scoundrels. नपुंसक | பேடிகள்.

So. You morons can do whatever friggin doxxing you want to do. I don’t care. Get lost.

But – I am not vindictive, I do not go out of the way to ‘teach’ errant & ignorant people like you, lacking in meta-cognitive abilities — lessons or to give their just-desserts, but I do not forget. I do not forgive.

I would always remember & I will be careful. That’s all.

But, am not necessarily a prisoner of the past either. And I do not consider myself ‘Yama’ or ‘Kala’ some terrible Greek God of retribution. I am merely doing what I can, to the best of my ability, Period.

It is also true that, unlike you left-liberals who flaunt your self-assigned credentials of permanently squatting on moral-highground, unfortunately, I also lack your confident self-congratulatory groupthink that you are ‘speaking truth to power’ all the time, though you poor things have to do it from the confines of your living-room couches – and squeal delightedly, your high-decibel protestwallah slogans… Oh what to do.

All I can say is, all of us (and that includes I, me, myself) can please feel free to freakin‘ get lost; there is absolutely neither a plea nor any damn coercion to read or not read anything, especially on this blog.

And, in any case, I do not go by market dynamics, competition, fear perceptions of dwindling readership, ‘will someone get mighty offended if I write this‘ and ‘what does the average reader of the blog want’  and all that. I do not write for the dreaded ‘Minimum Common Denominator.’ I am a shameless elitist, and in a world that I crave for, everyone would be an elitist too, in their own realms and ways. There would not be ANY mediocrity; therefore ENDGAME for you leftist-liberals; it is unfortunate, but you detritus will be collateral damage.

Am I being unduly rude and crude?

YMMV.  (I know for a fact that many of you want to say many things (like and as) I say, but you are weasels, you do not have the basic courage & decency to be even be occasionally truthful – but you want your freakin‘ dignity and decorum on public fora! Where were you when I was manhandled by Dravidian bastards and the Institution that I was associated with, was unjustly targeted some years back? Cowardly, liberal-left bandicoots! You wanted me to ‘compromise,’ you backboneless cretinous rats! You wanted me to ‘pipe down’ and focus on ‘teaching’ – what happened to your righteous indignation and all that then?)

I do not believe in your freakin’ definitions of politeness, political correctness – especially your cowardly humming & hawing, when it comes to protecting your own’s ponderous behinds & flocks, mutual back-scratchathons, infinite hypocrisy and multiple standards.

I don’t (now or in the future, intend to) pander to any one’s cravings including you asinine liberal-leftist scumbags — except of course mine. Of course, I know when to shutdown this blog. Because, all created things must move on, anyway.

I do not need your hifalutin’ advice on how ‘I have crossed the line’ and that ‘I am doing hitjobs that are at best avoidable’ and that ‘since so much negativity is generated, I should shut down the blog, stop tweeting and …’

See boys, all I am trying to do is work out narratives based on reasonable evidence. If you can show me verifiable/acceptable evidence to contrary, being amenable to reason, of course I am willing to change my ‘negativity’ – but don’t bloody give me your truckloads of random ‘advice’ lazily sitting on your high pedestals; ‘come, walk with me in the mud’ and then let us see where life takes us. Imbeciles.

And, your whines about me being an Islamophobe. I treat it with the contempt that this accusation deserves. Quoting Quran is Islamophobic? Annotating certain scumbag Rumi (your RUMI!) verses is in ‘bad taste?’ Bah! I don’t want to TomTom my achievements – but, in any case, how many of you have done even 5% of what I have managed to do to our Bharatiya Muslims? (It is all easy for you to pelt stones at others from cosy confines – and you guys are professionals at that!)

Not that I have been great in doing all that – because, I merely did what I thought I should do, and went ahead. Of course there was some ‘satisfaction,’ that’s all.

Again, your views that I have become a  ‘rabid Hindutvaite’ and a ‘RSS type!’ – all I can say is, just because you hate me, you can’t randomly accuse the Hindutva bogeyman. Poor thing, what did he do to you, or at least via me, to you? (In any case, I am not associated with such stellar organizations, for whom I have a lot of respect, you get it? In fact, as a part of my shamelful past, I was associated with a leftist organization, of all things!)

And, you also accuse me of being an arrogant, casteist Brahmin. And yes, I politely and delightedly accept that. I take it as a compliment. Thank you so much.

Except that, I also consider myself a casteist Shudra, casteist Vyshya and a casteist Kshatriya. A Quadruple Casteist.

Oh what shamelessness, what arrogance! Thanks again.


I will also say this. Please note it. Underline it.

I am Dharmic. I am a Hindu. Proud. Proud of many other things too. (Do not conflate it with Arrogance, which happens to be an exclusive privilege of you liberal-leftist public intellectuals!)

Am at peace with Hinduism. Wherein basic axioms, ideals or ideas of ethics of Dharma, the Yoga of learning have been ancient, known from the time immemorial – and they are eternal; the rainbow-coalition of various social groupings united by Dharma & the idealized Varnashrama matrix will live on, outlive you and I – irrespective of whether the Brahman exists, leave alone Eashwar. In normal terms, during the operationalization of the Bharatiya Chitta, Manas & Kala (as the Venerable Dharampalji put it so nicely!) worldview, function overloading happens. Implementations vary across groups and times. Debugging & Course corrections happen. Migrations to new platforms & panths happen. Diversity happens. Various schools of philosophies emerge continuously. Some Eashwars change. But the pivot for all such apparently centrifugal, fissiparous forces is the Dharma.

Yes. Also – I see no difference in being a Hindu or a Hindutvaite/Hindutvavadin. Am proud to be part of that Civilization which has remarkably survived and flourished (which has no other parallel in the world!) against all odds – against the repeated/sustained onslaughts of Infidel/Kuf’r hunting desert cults such as Islam & Christianity. And, proletariat hunting champagne socialist cult like Communism. And, now the Nezis*.


Dharma-Baka Upakhyana +

(in which there is a 21st Century addendum to the original Yakshaprashna)

(Bashya of Voodoo Vyasa)

Question #19 of the good ol’ Yaksha (in the form of a Crane, Baka) to Yudhishthira: “How did Dharma survive the evil, cultish, barbarian forces, a million times worse than the Sons of Dhritarashtra, and a zillion times craftier than them?”

Yudhishthira: “Because it is Dharma. That which cannot be destroyed. Because it is like Evolution –  basic ethical principles (of societal & cosmic order based heuristics) repeatedly & fractally applied, adaptations based on developing scenarios. Like Light – requiring no physical medium for its propagation, because it is its own medium. Because it operates like a Matrix – the invisible, but all pervading varnashrama warps and purushartha wefts. Because it is like The Mahabharata, in which all of us are Characters – who live inside & beyond the itihasa, in all lives, many lives – in the past, present & future.”

Yamadharma (the Baka/Yaksha) was once again pleased with the answer of Yudhishthira and blessed all the Bharatiyas – to symbiotically, self-referentially & recursively grow with the Dharma.

Yudhishthira got all his Bharatiya brothers & sisters, fathers & sons AND mothers & daughters back. (from wherever they had drifted off to or enslaved under)

तथास्तु |


Unfortunately, I do my homework, I take well-meaning feedback/criticism reasonably gracefully. I think and course-correct myself.

You blackguards, do YOUR freakin’ homework. Don’t keep yapping off like a wild Pomeranian. Do not preach sanctimoniously, oozing piety from all your body holes. Look up your anus – of course you can’t see Guts, I know you and your levels of cowardice – but at least you can see shitloads of Nehruvian-Socialism, that are blocking your Guts.

*Oh yeah! You Nehruvian-Socialists (NEZIs) are oh so close to National Socialists (NAZIs) – cute and apt, no?

And. Do not broad-brush organizations, sitting from the comforts of your cosy easy-chairs. Work in the field and THEN let us talk, exchange notes. I am not claiming to be virtuous or endlessly ethical – but at least, I do not fart from my mouth OR use my fingers to type out liberal-leftist farts like you hypocrite scum.


…But then, even if I down the shutters (as you bums are optimistically hoping), all I would want to feel about Othisaivu would be, ‘it was good while it lasted.’ Nothing more, nothing less. And, I have no illusions or hallucinations about myself.

Definitely NO romantic notions of what I have done or could do – or how I should ‘Never Doubt That a Small Group of Thoughtful, Committed Citizens Can Change the World’ kinda Margaret Mead attributed fake-quote nonsense; I would only have a reasonable feeling that I could do what I did, in terms of what I believe to be my own implementation of Dharma. This is ample reward for me.

Also: I do not overestimate the short-term effects of me/blog in the short run, nor do I underestimate the possible effects of it, in the long run.

I know I am not all that important to you folks, likewise guys like you do NOT matter to me. At all.  On second thoughts, um, probably you were nice to have around, to occasionally chat-up with etc, of course you are bright people – but, that’s just about it. Life is generally a two way street for me, mostly, and definitely so for you. You and I have choices. Therefore I am not at all missing you, nor missing any ‘sparkling, pun-fllled memetic conversations’ at all… (same will apply for the future too, am sure!)

Am not trying to connect/reconnect, YOU guys are. OTOH, I will never try to reconnect with you, no worries. So, please.

Thank you very much.

Post-postscript: Of course, writing something in one of my beloved matrubashas – Tamil (though my written version of Tamil is extremely foggy, to say the least – but then, my written Tamil is like a puzzle, and only bright people can get it) continues to give me some happiness & peace. Um, may be like the way the Spanish Christian Inquistadors felt, perhaps! Of course there are these n interesting/lovely projects that I am concurrently in to, pretty much all the time…

I should also admit that there has been one more very significant bit of happiness – in that, whether they agree with me in toto or not, some of the folks who (many of them who have NEVER met me in person or even know anything significant about me) read the blog, have been so sweet to voluntarily offer their donations (some very significant amounts) to the school that I am kinda associated with. I frankly dunno what to say, except to express my heartfelt gratitude & pranaam to them. Yes fellows, thanks for reposing your trust & faith in me; as for the funds, as you know, nothing was routed through me – and, for whatever the funds were gracefully given, their proper end use has been ensured – and wherever needed, formal receipts have been dispatched too.

I do hope to continue to live up to your expectations (by gratuitously spinning unpredictable content, tasteless humor and random yarns) and generally have fun.

Or fold this blog up rather unceremoniously, as the case may be, whatever. Nothing transient is ever missed in the long run, thanks to Dharma.

As for the rest, especially the scum from the weird universe of the shamelessly lying & scheming liberal-leftist pseudos, from whom I have gotten enough advice and more – about this and that – may I request you folks to bloody go take a hike?

Thanks! It was NOT nice knowing you folks, who are totally impervious to reason + who are well on their way to become ignorant, semi-literate, certified Imbeciles.





2 Responses to “Othisaivu & Rudeness: Stephen King & Yudhishthira come to the rescue”

  1. Sridhar Says:

    You write for yourself first. Readership is a minor gratification. Usually, the communication is limited between you and the reader. In this age of social media, your reader, impressed by your ideas may want to share to a larger audience. That’s where your style of writing can come in the way. I may not want to share an article with some profanities thrown in, however good it is otherwise, to my teachers. Minor problem, doesn’t have much of an impact on you.

    The other case is, an impolite language may be taken as a sign of authority. A few college kids, if they are impressed with your style, may follow your style, but not the substance. It’s like a fresh graduate from Arunai Engineering College, thinking that he’s a manifestation of Howard Roark. Again, it’s a small issue, doesn’t have much impact on you.

    On Tue, 30 Jun, 2020, 19:38 ஒத்திசைவு… ओ̸̡̰̥̠̬̯͕̫̭̰̾͑̓̀͂̀͝͡थ्̡̱̻̺͍̹̳̜̫͇͓͙͍̗͕̋͌͑̇͌̔̑́͐͗̂̒̕͜͝थ̶̨̢̡̤͔̞͌̋͑͌̌̔̕͝͝ि̴͖͚̥̜̗̂̒̍͆̓͌̊̐̾स̢͕̺̫͇̙̱͋̽͗̅̏͜͟ै̴̧̬̺̪̗̼̜̎͆̋̄͑͌व̢̞̤͙̹͇̓́̌̈́̄ु̶͖̭̯̼̲̱͍͓͙̋͌̔́̄̈́̚͞͡ . . . o̵̦͓̜̠͉̔̿͋̾̐̿́͘͠͞ t̨̰͍̺̯̥̲͓̺́̇̈́͒͆̾̍͡͠ͅ h̡̧̪̬̗̘̯͒͌̀̋̋̔̓͗̐͘͢ͅ ī͓̼̙̻͙͛̀̋̿́́̉͠ š̢̬͙̲̘̥̐̑̆̐̔͘ a̛̛̺̱͈̭̳̞͖̪̔̐̈̾͂̚̚ i̵̧̱͕̥̺̯̫̻̼͗̈́̔̾͐̔́̏͑́ v̗̣͈̭̩͖͓͚̝̔̂̾̌͜͝ ư̴̱͖͔͌̾̓̽̈͘͜͜ͅ . ., wrote:

    > வெ. ராமசாமி posted: “It is not that I want to become ‘successful as a > writer’ or anything, bah, oh my – but, I find the following snippet from > Stephen King (from his book ‘On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft’) to be > useful. This is XXL: 2500+ words; it would be useful to plo” >

    • Thanks & noted. (a few times earlier, some other folks have also lamented about profanities strewn all over, because of which they are not able to share this stuff etc)

      But, sanitizing in the insanitary stuff is insane. Package deals always have negatives. Sometimes ‘profanities’ are thrown in provoke, mostly the woke – in which case it is prowoke though am antiWoke.

      Sorry, siree.

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