Of course, our Chacha Nehru was not only clueless, he was also irresponsible, thanks!


July 1946.

Our dear Jawaharlal Nehru was willing to give a special status to Sikhs, by carving out an area in the North, where they can enjoy the ‘glow of freedom’ with own constitution etc.

Left to himself, he would have created another problem like that of the erstwhile J&K. May be, he would have eventually acceded to the demand of the poisonous Dravidians too…

But. Bharat was lucky.

In what way was he different from the current Political imbeciles in TN, who pass for Dravidian leadership – who randomly dish out promises that cannot be fulfilled, just to get into a position of power & rent-seeking – and if at all the shady promises are fulfilled, then it would pretty much be an endgame or at least a disaster for us?

But. Please do NOT get me wrong.

It is not that I do not want to acknowledge the fine contributions of Mr Nehru, to the betterment of India. He begat Indira Gandhi, which is THE most important selfless service of his, his own massive tryst with destiny.

So, in a way, as a corollary – Mr Nehru is relentlessly continuing to contribute to this day (via Rahul & Priyanka Gandhis) and may be in future too. Am so happy, of course.


J. S. Grewal – The New Cambridge History of India, Volume 2, Part 3 – The Sikhs of the Punjab, Cambridge Univ Press (1991); page 205. (snippet from this page)

Ajit Singh Sarhadi – Panjabi Suba, UC Kapoor & Sons (1970), Delhi; page 449-50

11 Responses to “Of course, our Chacha Nehru was not only clueless, he was also irresponsible, thanks!”

  1. Rajan Says:

    Wow! This is a rare feather so far missing from Chachas otherwise bejeweled crown!

    Normally illiberals list IITs, IISC, BARC, ISRO, constitution etc. as his stellar achievements, conveniently forgetting the very very slow pace of Economic growth and long list of political bunglings as above,which has left India in its current state.

    While I personally do not underestimate his contributions during the struggle for Independence (no body spends close to 9 years in Jail for nothing, though he might have had an extra easy chair and cot), his west tinted shallow idealogy, poor decision making, below par administrative abilities, and ofcourse forcing his family on Congress and India, have defined India in a disproportionately large negative way.

    • Sir, welcome to the club. Thanks for sharing in our Civilization’s common angst & utter disbelief at his stellar contributions.

      But the fact is that, he did not have ANY significant contribution towards the listing that you have provided, either. Really tragic.

      (of course I know that, you did not mean to say those ‘contributions’ were stellar or something like that)

      • Rajan Says:


        Ofcourse not. My take is when you rule uninterrupted and unquestioned for so long, some good things may happen despite YOU, especially at a time when the country was brimming with men who sincerely wanted to contribute to nation building.

        But ofcourse the illiberals will say, unless we can prove that he actively tried to scuttle these efforts, that these happened under Chacha and the credit should go to him anyways

        • Yes, the standard, ‘post hoc, ergo propter hoc’ fallacy.

          Or as in the case of Dravidians and the somewhat better Nehruvian-Socialists – that would be better described by Phallusy.

  2. ayyA, Nehru called out Sikh separatism always.

    ‘special glow of freedom’ is sufficiently vague.
    Without the question posed in a press conference to which he is responding, given it is 1946 what can we even conclude.

    It certainly does NOT urge a conclusion that he is saying: ‘help yourself to some territories mate’

    It is not imply separate country or even ‘special status, it’s own constitution kinda J&K state’.

    That – as your quote mentions – is Kapur Singh. A hasty reader who does not parse that may infer it to be Nehru’s words. So I thought I would unnecessarily clarify here.

    OTOH let us look at what Nehru spoke and did throughout.

    Nehru wrote that Akalis were not being sufficiently generous to Hindus.

    Nehru was always viewed as the Hindu leader by the Sikh communalists. He stoutly resisted partition on religious lines. So much so that they had to couch the Punjab Suba as a ‘linguistic’ split.

    It is then that his stance softened. We need not agree with his eventual stance on linguistic separation of states (even I don’t). But it was a gradual (Gandhian?) shift.

    And Punjab didn’t split as long as Nehru was alive.

    Nehru is hardly someone who viewed Indian territories as fungible and considered all sub-nationalisms as legitimate. While you don’t allege so in so many words, that is the takeaway you nudge.

    Btw who were the alliance partner of the Akalis?
    The principled Communists.
    And most predictably: Jan Sangh.

    Heck, Nehru got blamed for letting the corrupt Khairon slide simply because he found him useful to keep the Akalis at bay for as long as he could. And now this too eh?

    / May be, he would have eventually acceded to the demand of the poisonous Dravidians too/
    He called them out as fascist nonsense.
    He made the separatist sloganeering disappear.
    CNA made ‘meesaila maN ottalai’ kinda speech in RajyaSabha saying (sic) ‘we would have been won over by Panditji’s charm, why does govt need to threaten us with sedition law’

    And now Nehru also gets painted as someone who would have allowed Dravidaland. eh?

    I suppose there is nothing Nehru can’t do!

  3. Ramesh Narayanan Says:

    ‘Phall…’, No way, தீராவிடனுக்குக் கீழடி குஞ்சாமணி பூமியை நோக்கித்தன்னே,
    and better grow up Maan, you’re still in your teenage IITM days, I mean, the usage of the word ‘Phall…’, 😁😅

  4. நேருவையே இந்த விளாசு விளாசுகிறீர்கள் . நன்று . ஜனநாயகப் பண்பு, பொது அறிவு , எழுத்தாற்றல் என்று எதை எடுத்தாலும் தற்போதைய பிரதமர் காத தூரம் பின்னால் இருப்பவர் அவரைக் குறித்து உங்களுக்கு ஒரு குறையும் தென்படவில்லையே 🤔

    நான் முடிந்தவரை objectiveஆகவே பார்க்க முயல்கிறேன்.

    Demonetization , GST, CAA-NRC இது எல்லாமே தேவையானது தான் . ஆனால் அதை நடைமுறை படுத்திய விதம் கொஞ்சம் கூட உரையாடலே இல்லாமல் , நிபுணர்களை கலந்து ஆலோசிக்காமல் சுருக்கமாக சொல்ல வேண்டும் என்றால் அறுவை சிகிச்சைக்கு கடப்பாரையை கொண்டு போன கதையாகத்தான் படுகிறது.

  5. nparamasivam1951 Says:

    Chacha’s other contribution, IMO, is gifting away lands to China in 1961 war and gifting away our seat in UN Security Council

மேற்கண்ட பதிவு (அல்லது பின்னூட்டங்கள்) குறித்து (விருப்பமிருந்தால்) உரையாடலாமே...

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