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This is an extraordinarily extra long-form response (only 2900+ words) to a mail sent (when I add his original posted by way of screenshots, this ADDS some 1000+ words of original ammunition for me – making it a grand total of ~4000 words) by a respected Gandhian, who is all for tolerance, love and spiritual growth. I have personally known this kind, well-accomplished gent for the past 20+years – he is now staying at an ashram doing sewa; of course, I have redacted all personal references.

Ok, my dear 7½ hapless readers of this blog,

Do treat this as my Covid19 special treat(!) to you – considering the fact that, in any case, you are either going to die via Covid19 Chinese Special Virus – or by this offending post. At least this post will do a swift job.

Considering the fact that there is a Chinese way and an Indian way to die, hopefully you would stay a patriot. Frankly there is NO other choice. Sorry. Offer valid till… … *cough* aargh! *cough* w h e r e    i…..s m y      mo sq …e… … c… a’t  br ea…th, ayyo….  am I seeing hoors…? Read the rest of this entry »

I encountered this remarkable & brilliantly fascinating story, for the first time, on BBS(?) in 1991(??) or thereabouts – may be earlier. Please do take the time to read it – because it is a bloody rewarding tale/experience. Read the rest of this entry »

Sorry. This is REAL.

…Unfortunately, current paranoia is about this reasonably dreadly Coronavirus disease wannabe pandemic (COVID-2019 or COVID-19 virus, if you will), produced by China on a massive scale, as usual – but the much bigger and dangerous issue that we Tamils ought to face is this endemically Dravidian, N0H0P3 idiot flu virus; unfortunately, instead of facing it directly and head-on, we always look in the other direction (preferably towards Lemuria or some random ”sangam’ period assignable to randomized dates) when the danger of this virus is omnipresent., here and now & always.

In case your memory needs to be rejigged –  recent attacks of this malevolent and clueless N0H0P3 virus happened during the ‘protests’ against the poor neutrino, as part of a looong series of attacks – and is now happening against CAA.

It is not out of place to mention that, though Dravidians are the most susceptible group for the attacks of this virus, our left-liberal cabals are very well known to be the carriers of this virus; the latter do it by providing a theoretical scaffolding framework for its spread.

So, here its. I originally wrote this a decade back or so: DANGER! N0H0P3 idiot flu virus pandemic 30/07/2015 – but nobody is listening.

Read it at your peril. Or don’t read it anyway, once again falling for another bout of this Dravidian N0H0P3-200BCE idiot-flu virus attack. Choice is yours.

Actually, it is H0P3L355, like totally. Um, unless the idea of this post spreads faster than the freakin’ N0H0P3-200BCE idiot flu virus.



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This is about one of my favorite murtis (sculptures or icons, if you will) at many levels/layers. Read the rest of this entry »

A scholarly, beer-reviewed treatise on how my dear Chacha Nehru, danced his way into myBharat’s psyche.

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‘Liberal(!)-leftists(!!) could form a successful Caste…’ says a counter-narrative from Sridhar Tiruchendurai  ‘…except that they are not at all integrated into the Dharmic systems/narratives of India, as they cannot yet spell ‘liberty equality fraternity‘ and are absolutely unaware of even the word ‘responsibility,’ oh poor, wretched, oppressed souls. Read the rest of this entry »

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Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) saw me wearing two clothes dyed in saffron. whereupon he said: These are the clothes (usually worn by) the non-believers, so do not wear them.

[Sahih Muslim, Book 37 (The Book of Clothes and Adornment), Hadith 49 (The Prohibition Of A Man Wearing A Garment Dyed With Safflower)]

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Excerpted from the really delightful book of Eli Maor, called ‘Trigonometric Delights‘ published by Princeton University Press, 1998. (p 35-37) Read the rest of this entry »