Not even, Audrey Truschke! :-(

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Let us please understand one thing. ‘India Today Group’ is also a scumbag media house, but it is not SO bad as the ‘The Hindu,’  NDTV and ‘Times of India’ kind of whorehouses. But it is bad enough. Sorry. Read the rest of this entry »

Enough is enough. If you really care for quality in Indian education, have a reasonable sense of fairness and basic ethics – would you please publicize this post?

I know this is a shameless request, but how I hate the enjoyment of mediocrity and dastardly thieving of taxpayers’ money – especially by the so called ‘social science’ and therefore ‘socially aware(!)’ students, whose jolly-good life is getting subsidized by the Indian Nation and Parents..

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If you have not read this excellent and erudite rebuttal of Vairamuthu (=this yet-another-know-it-all-from-Tamil-filmi-‘cult’ural-scene) so far – please go read it first. Read the rest of this entry »

​Poet(sic) Vairamuthu – in the grand tradition of the Tamil filmi nonsense – is a hilarious clown and ignorant buffoon at best, but as usual has a ‘mASS’ following. Read the rest of this entry »

When the grand dame of filmi protests makes facile statements about secularism, women’s rights and lefts, it is important that certain other facets of her character are also brought out.

May grand ma’am Shabana Azmi be the mother of a THOUSAND protests!

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