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Oh well. In these days of good connectivity & ready access to knowledge, is it so difficult to get properly formed perspectives, do critical analysis and then form informed opinions? I really wonder!

Aren’t real wise men always accessible these days, so that impressionable minds can go seek them out? Even a nondescript joker like yours truly, is able to access many of them… so, am truly and verily puzzled!

…Anyway, while you are on the job – check out my latest tweet-series about the elections and Bakhtiyar Khilji effect. Thanks!


Current example: Ashish Joshi, Indian Civil Servant – who operates the twitter handle @acjoshi. (it is kind of hard to imagine that the gent alleges that he has actually ‘studied’ History ages back and claims that he continues to do history. His Story, that is! But then, he likely follows the illustrious schools of fishy/’curated’ history propagated by the erudite RS Sharmas, Romila Thapars, Irfan Habibs, Harbans Mukhiyas, Athar Alis, Suraj Bhans and DN Jhas… …kind of Twistorians) Read the rest of this entry »

Dear Friends of JihadCentral – India Liaison Office comprising its Office bearers, Salaried propagandists, Media operators, Political consultants, Public jihadillectuals, Student jihadists and Jihadilettes – and all other overt & covert operators… … Read the rest of this entry »

This is in the context of ‘pseudoscience’ in our Indic milieu that our illustrious intelligentsia seem to suddenly become aware of, from time to time – while conveniently & liberally forgetting their own mighty biases and dastardly nonsense.

(warning: this is extra looong: circa 2600 words)

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[Rambling notes from Wifey, who happened to travel down to Chennai this morn, to attend a Varahamihira Science Forum talk by VS Ramachandran, the fabulous Neurologist] Read the rest of this entry »

Folks, thanks for the offers and general-purpose kindness in response to my call-to-alms.

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Till circa 3 years back, I was a regularly practicing biodynamic gardener, though lately my foci have shifted elsewhere. Read the rest of this entry »